Electric Scooters Devron

Electric scooters are the newest trend on the scooter market. Shape-wise, they are very similar to classic scooters. However, they significantly differ in functions, since they have an electric drive, accumulator and a speed regulation mechanism.

The immediate difference lies in several basic aspects:

  • motor output, which is usually between 250 and 600 W, battery voltage,
  • battery capacity, between 4.4 – 18 Ah, which relates to
  • range, given in minutes or kilometres,
  • maximum speed, from 10 to 35 km/h,
  • weight limit, 100-120 kg, so that adults can enjoy a ride on an electric scooter, too.

Of course, there are other features that can affect your choice, such as colour, weight, wheels type, whether you steer the scooter with the help of a handlebar clutch or a gyroscope, and others. All relevant features can be found in the technical description of each product.

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