Ball Air Pumps

To inflate a ball, you need an air pump or compressor with a needle adapter. With the right pump, it will only take you a few seconds.

Foot Pump Nexelo with Double End Cap
In Stock
Universal pump wit double end cap for inflating balls, bike and car tyres, adaptors.
Air Compressor inSPORTline AB28
143,70 € (11%) 127,20 
In Stock
Compact electric pump, pressure gauge, handle, maintenance-free engine, rubber foot …
1.90 kg
18 x 13.5 x 17 cm
Motor output
95 W
PU, Plastic
Hand Pump inSPORTline P7811
8,20 € (21%) 6,50 
In Stock
Frame with an extendable tube, light but effective pump, 2 adaptors, handle with a …
3 cm
Weight (g)
73 g
23 cm
Handlebar length
14.50 cm
Leg Operated Pump Nexelo with Manometer Fe
In Stock
Universal pump with manometer Fe and with universal double valve.