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How to Choose Freestanding Bars?

If you want to focus on strengthening the upper half of your body, the easiest and most effective way to achieve this is to buy a pull-up bar. To choose a product that will suit you the best, it is necessary to consider the space you have available at home. If you have enough space, be sure to consider freestanding bars. Even though they require more space than other pull-up bars, they offer more training options and other advantages. If you need a pull-up bar with higher weight limit, but you don’t what to drill holes into your walls, freestanding bars are the ideal choice.

What do you expect from your freestanding bars?

Separate models can vary in design or the number of exercise stations. Users usually choose according to particular exercise options available:

  • Adjusting the height of the bar as well as other accessories – Freestanding bars definitely have the best height adjustment options out of all types of pull-up bars. Most freestanding bars allow you to adjust the bar to several heights. That’s a great advantage especially for taller people who usually have trouble with finding the optimal bar height. Unlike wall pull-up bars, the adjusted height is not permanent which means more than one user can use it comfortably.
  • Outdoor pull-up bars – These pull-up bars are made of non-corrosive materials and are usually only a part of a multi-purpose power tower. You need to decide whether you want to use this kind of equipment just outdoors, or if you plan on moving it inside during winter months. If so, you should consider the weight of the product and how difficult it will be to move.
  • Fixed freestanding bars – these bars are robust and very difficult to move, on the other hand they are stable and feature other exercise stations, such as parallel bars, push-up handles etc.

No matter what type of freestanding bars you choose, if you plan on using it indoors, it is recommended to also purchase a protective mat.

What should you focus on?

There is a number of types and models with attributes differing from the others. That makes categorizing these kinds of products rather difficult. On the other hand, it means that you can look for a pull-up bar according to your specific requirements. In the following points, we’ve put together the most important things to consider when picking out your freestanding bars.


Material matters! It is recommended to buy mainly freestanding bars made of steel, because they are the most robust and stable. However, their disadvantage is that it is very difficult to move them around. The lighter and easier-to-store models are usually made of aluminium, making them easy to move. However, these freestanding bars have lower weight limits and can seem unstable.

Most power towers with pull-up bars have back and forearm padding for better comfort while exercising. There are usually foam grips on the handlebars.


The more robust the material, the heavier the frame, making it more difficult to move it. On the other hand, these pull-up bars and power towers are more stable without needing to be attached to the wall or the floor. However, should you want to move the pull-up bar from time to time, or use it outdoors in summer, you will probably prefer a less heavy model.

Other exercise stations

Users usually don’t buy freestanding bars only for pull-ups, but also because they offer varied exercise options (power towers often include parallel bars). Some freestanding bars will help you exercise even the lower half of your body and can sometimes include handles for push-ups or sit-ups. Be sure to think about what you expect from these products and about what exercises you prefer. Some power towers can even be unfolded into a power bench. This type of power tower is therefore suitable especially for users who already own some workout equipment that can be combined with power tower.

Weight limit

Make sure the freestanding pull-up bar will carry the weight of you and anyone else who might use it. Most of the freestanding pull-up bars have fairly high weight limit, especially the robust ones.

Height of the pull-up bar

It is important to note that the height of the pull-up bar can limit your choices. Remember that a correct pull-up must begin with your arms fully stretched upwards. It’s therefore better to pick freestanding bars with an adjustable pull-up bar so you can set it to an optimal position.

Sufficient Space

The disadvantage of freestanding bars is that they need a lot of space. It is also important to ensure a sufficient distance from the ceiling. For this purpose, be sure to carefully measure all distances and compare them with your selected product’s dimensions. That’s why they are more suited for home gyms and more open spaces.

Now, you will surely find freestanding bars just perfect for you:

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