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SPARTAN Free Kick Football Protectors

Football protectors Free Kick

Football protectors Free Kick

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SPARTAN Free Kick Football Protectors

    Football shin-guards have been for years really important element, serving as protection and accident prevention of legs. These football pads Free Kick provide triple protection, as it simultaneously protects footballers shins, Achilles tendons and ankles. The great advantage of these protectors is their anatomical shape and an effective system of Velcro, which ensures comfortable adhesion and do not prevent the footballer in a full-value game. Free Kick protectors are thus safe, quality, well fitted and comfortable to wear. Available are in sizes S, M, L and XL.

    Technical description:

    • Football protectors Free Kick provide triple protection of shin, ankle and Achilles tendon
    • made of adhesive and highly shapable material
    • Accompanied by a simple and effective system of Velcro
    • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL
    • Hard protective shell

      SPARTAN Free Kick Football Protectors - Product parameters

      Suitable for
      Both training and playing
      Achilles tendons, Shins, Ankles
      Pcs per package
      2 pcs

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