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Badminton Kit Spartan Garden

Badminton set with 4 racquets, light weight, aluminum frame, shuttlecocks, a net and steel bars included. more

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Badminton Set Wilson Tour Set gives you everything you will need for singles or doubles. The set contains 4 aluminum racquets of the Hyper 6000 series, 3 shuttlecocks, a net, 2 steel bars for attaching the net, hooks and also a badminton bag into which everything can be packed. Wilson has been making racquets for many years, which is reflected in the overall quality of the badminton racquets. Racquets contained in this set are remarkable by their excellent maneuverability, precision balancing, high-quality strings and low weight, which are the qualities that make the badminton set Wilson Tour sought after and popular goods.

Technical description:

  • quality racquets of the Wilson brand
  • head size (cm2 / in2): 342 cm2; 53 in2
  • weight (unstrung): 105 g
  • length: 662 mm
  • material composition: alloy
  • handgrip colour: black
  • suitable for beginning and advanced players

Set includes:

  • 4 aluminum racquets of the Hyper alloy 6000 series
  • 3 shuttlecocks
  • badminton net
  • 2 steel bars
  • hooks
  • thermal bag

 note: The photo is illustrative, color finish may vary.

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