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Elliptical inSPORTline SEG EM-3231

Elliptical with 3 levels of step adjustment, 16 programs including a heart rate measurement program, load capacity 135 kg, 9 kg flywheel, well-arranged LCD display, quiet operation.

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Elliptical with 3 levels of step adjustment, 16 programs including a heart rate measurement program, load capacity 135 kg, 9 kg flywheel, well-arranged LCD display, quiet operation.

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Elliptical inSPORTline SEG EM-3231

Elliptical inSPORTline SEG EM-3231 is a modern elliptical with a rich feature equipment, very solid and stable construction that provides high user comfort and lots of useful settings. The main advantages of the elliptical inSPORTline SEG EM-3231 include a well-arranged LCD display providing straightforward control of 16 offered exercise programs, stable construction with high load capacity up to 135 kg and a durable finish resistant to humidity and aggressive sweat. Another advantage of the elliptical SEG EM-3231 are non-slip steps with 3 levels of inclination adjustment. This system allows precise workout adjustment for different user body heights and also allows to target on different muscle groups of the legs, back and shoulders.
Elliptical inSPORTline SEG EM-3231 also offers a wide range of training programs and is thus able to adapt to either a very challenging or an occasional user. In the software equipment you can thus find 4 H.R.C. programs to control the heart rate during exercise, 4 user programs, 6 preset track profiles, and a program for fat burning. Last but not least, the machine is equipped with all functional accessories such as transport wheels for easy handling, system of balancing floor irregularities and other functional gadgets. The elliptical offers quiet operation and very user-comfortable workout and is therefore suitable for both commercial and home use.


Technical description:

  • modern commercial elliptical
  • 3 levels of step adjustment allow strengthening of multiple muscle groups
  • robust steps with non-slip heels
  • solid handles with heart rate sensors (orientation measurements) and non-slip rubber coating
  • mobile handles with extended terminals and non-slip rubber coating
  • chest belt for wireless heart rate transmission
  • flywheel weight: 7 kg ( 9 kg impression - with the added technology of centrifugal pulleys)
  • dimensions when assembled: length 145 x width 68 x height 165 cm
  • weight: 60.5 kg


Software equipment and control:

  • 4 H.R.C. programs (Heart Rate Control) for exercise in the selected cardio zone (60%, 75%, 85% max HR + T.H.R. - maintaining your chosen HR)
  • 4 user programs: manual, program of body fat % measurement, BMI and BMR
  • 6 preset track profiles
  • physical fitness test, random program
  • very easy machine control with just a few buttons


Display shows:

  • time
  • distance traveled
  • user age
  • calories burned
  • current heart rate
  • speed / velocity in training


Other functional equipment and advantages:

  • silent operation provided by BeltDrive system
  • transport wheels for very easy handling of the machine
  • LFC (Level Floor Control) - a system for accurate balancing of possible uneven floors


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Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, InSPORTline Fitness Coach

Regular training improves fitness level, supports weight loss and strengthens cardiovascular system.

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Elliptical inSPORTline SEG EM-3231 - Documents to download

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Elliptical inSPORTline SEG EM-3231 - Product parameters

Weight of fly wheel (kg)
7 kg
Step length
52 cm
Step width
19 cm
Weight limit (kg)
150 kg
Resistance control
Resistance levels
Braking system
Magneto-electric EMS
Self lubricated rolling bearings
Transport wheels
Floor disparity control
Handlebar heart rate sensor
Maximum user height
200 cm
Set up dimensions
145 x 68 x 165
60.50 kg
Usage category
Home / club use
Chest strap

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