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Motorcycle Socks Comodo MTB2 - Black Green

Functional socks with stabilization zones and effective moisture removal!

Functional socks with stabilization zones and effective moisture removal! more »

Black Green
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Motorcycle Socks Comodo MTB2

The Motorcycle Socks Comodo MTB2 are long functional socks that will make your motorcycle rides much more comfortable. Made using Polycolon technology, the material is lightweight but durable. What’s more, the fabric is hydrophobic and therefore wicks sweat and keeps the feet dry.

The socks boast 5 stabilization zones that are strategically placed to improve your comfort during the ride. Furthermore, they also stabilize the foot, which not only reduces the pressure put on the foot by the footwear, but also protects the material from damage. The Motorcycle Socks Comodo MTB2 offer superior comfort and carefree style on your motorcycle adventures.

Technical description:

  • Long functional motorcycle socks
  • Medium strength
  • 5 strategically placed zones for maximum comfort:
    • Pressure zone for load distribution
    • Reinforced zone for instep protection
    • Shape zone for adjusting to the shape of the foot
    • Flatlock seam zone to ensure the socks won’t chafe
    • Control zone to secure the sock in place
  • Reduced pressure put on the fabric by the footwear
  • Ideal for motorcycling
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Outstanding sweat removal
  • Material: 40 % Polycolon polypropylene, 35 % polyamide, 20 % polypropylene, 5 % elastane

Motorcycle Socks Comodo MTB2 - Product parameters

functional, compression
women, men

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