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Czech Quality and Original Design - TrueCzech Sportswear by inSPORTline

Czech Quality and Original Design - TrueCzech Sportswear by inSPORTline
Czech Quality and Original Design - TrueCzech Sportswear by inSPORTline

inSPORTline presents a brand new line of sportswear and casual clothing – the TrueCzech Collection! However, by the time your clothes make it to you, they’ll already have quite a journey behind them.

That includes months of research, style design and picking out fabrics that would correspond with both the cut and intended use. Each item is meant to fit as many body types as possible and make you feel absolutely comfortable.

When it comes to cotton-based clothing, it is important for us to make the final product here, in the Czech Republic, and that’s why we work closely with local manufacturers. The functional materials also benefit from high-quality Italian fabrics. The bands and stripes with our logo are made in the Czech Republic as well.

Because it’s necessary for the additional components to be compatible with the fabric and other details, they are the first thing to be made. After that, once the cut is complete and several variations tried out, we begin to cut fabrics – manually, to ensure a completely accurate cut. We use dressmaking and electric scissors as well as cloth cutters depending on material structure, composition and weight. Once the individual pieces are cut, a seamstress takes over. After changing threads comes the time for the sewing itself. Each piece of clothing is made by one seamstress from start to finish. The quality of the product depends on choosing a suitable fabric, the design of the cut, as well as high-grade threads. Production is then just another piece of the puzzle on the road to make sure the clothes will fit and last for a long time.

Once the piece is finished, other crafty hands take over to check the product, press and fold it and then complete the packaging. Proper labels are added and then the clothes are ready to be shipped straight to you.

We’d like to thank you for supporting Czech made products. You provide opportunities for our seamstresses and support the economy of our country of origin. What’s more, thanks to minimal waste production, our project is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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