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Headlamp Knog Quokka SPECIAL OFFER

Ultra lightweight silicone headlamp, LED diodes with 4 light modes, variety of light intensity and flashing settings, USB rechargeable. more


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The Headlamp Knog Quokka is a simple, lightweight, USB rechargeable headlamp that is different from any other headlamp. Since it doesn’t need batteries, it weighs only 49 grams, thanks to which you won’t even feel it on your head. The strap, body and LED diodes are molded in medical grade, matte finish silicone that won’t tangle your hair. This headlamp is suitable for running, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. The 3 sets of LEDs are optimally placed for their individual purpose. With a push of a button, you can switch between modes, choosing from 3 light intensity and flashing levels in each mode. 

Light modes:

Spot – spot beam to see by

Ambient – diffused light to illuminate nearby areas

Combo – combination of Spot and Ambient modes

Red Night – night mode

Light mode

Max light output

Run time at max power

Run time at min power


60 lumens

3.5 h

25 h


25 lumens

8 h

48 h


80 lumens

2.5 h

16.5 h

Red Night

2.5 lumens

13.5 h

70 h

The ModeMaker app allows you to customize your light modes. In each mode, you can adjust the light intensity (steady light modes) and flashing rate (flashing modes).

Technical description:

  • Adjustable silicone strap
  • Universal length adjustment – fits head circumferences from 30 to 660 mm
  • Matte finish silicone that won’t tangle your hair
  • LED diodes with variety of light modes
  • 3 light intensity and flashing rate levels in each mode
  • Remembers last mode when turned on
  • Water-resistant (IP65)
  • USB rechargeable (no cable required)
  • Suitable for camping, running, hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Weight: 49 g


Product parameters

Lumen 80 lm
Number of modes 4
Power Source charging battery
Weight 49 g


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