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Multi-Gym Body Craft Elite - SPECIAL OFFER

Commercial multi-gym, weights up to 90 kg (1:2 strength transfer index), ABS system, 180 kg weight limit, robust construction, simple setup, orthopedic backrest.

Commercial multi-gym, weights up to 90 kg (1:2 strength transfer index), ABS system, 180 kg weight limit, robust construction, simple setup, orthopedic backrest.

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Multi-Gym Body Craft Elite

Home Multi-Gym Body Craft Elite is a professional multi-gym that offers the highest quality in its category. Its sturdy steel frame with a profile of 8.5 x 4.5 cm is coated with a special Platinum Gray paint that protects it from scratching. Home Multi-Gym Body Craft Elite offers more than 100 different ways to exercise your entire body. To strengthen your arms and back muscles, you can use the upper pulley and you can strengthen your legs through leg curls, but you can also choose to train with the lower pulley that helps you simulate rowing. A revolutionary innovation of fitness home gyms is the ABS system - the active balancing system. This system is integrated into the press arm, where the user is forced to balance the load with his own stregth and thus strengthens their muscles evenly (such as with the classic bench press on power bench). Other highlights include fiberglass nylon pulleys with ball bearings that allow you to set the load weight up to 180 kg. Flexible steel cables covered with nylon ensure smooth and quiet operation. What's more, the multi-gym has an orthopedic backrest that provides maximum back and lumbar support. There is a wide range of options on how to set up the backrest, seat, and arm press inclination, an eyelet for attaching other accessories (suspension system) or a bottle holder are among the essential characteristics that make Home Multi-Gym Body Craft Elite a sought-after and popular product.

Technical description:

  • Professional multi-gym
  • Dozens of exercise options available
  • Oval steel tubes with 8.5 x 4.5 cm profile
  • Special Platinum Gray coating (frame sprayed with a special paint that protects the frame from getting scratched)
  • ABS system (Active Balance System - locks or unlocks the bench press grips)
  • Orthopaedic backrest providing back and lumbar support (reduces pressure on the spine)
  • Backrest covered with vinyl material with double stitching
  • 10 positions of inclination adjustment of contervailing pulleys
  • 8 positions of inclination adjustment of the pressure arm
  • 7 positions of the backrest adjustment
  • 3 positions of seat adjustment
  • Bottle holder
  • An eyelet to attach other accessories (suspension system)
  • Simple resistance adjustment
  • Fibreglass nylon pulleys with ball bearings
  • Flexible steel cables covered with nylon
  • Pulley diameter: 10 cm / 7.5 cm
  • Steel blocks with nylon casing
  • Weight: 90 kg (20 pcs of bricks x 4.5 kg)
  • Strength transfer index: 1:2, adjustable (i.e. 180 kg load)
  • Seat height (from the ground): 57-65 cm
  • Padding thickness: 6 cm
  • Length of the upper pulley: 118 cm (grip length 19 cm)
  • Dimensions: width 165 cm x length 170 cm x height 208 cm
  • Weight limit: 180 kg
  • Weight: 197 kg
  • Lifelong warranty for the frame (for domestic use only)
  • Category S (EN 957) - suitable for all commercial fitness clubs

Training posts:

  • Butterfly with back support
  • Reverse butterfly with chest support
  • Chest presses with back support
  • Seated pulls with chest support
  • Upper pulley for pull-downs
  • Lower pulley (rowing simulation)
  • Seated pull-downs
  • Leg curls
  • Leg presses (with additional accessory here)


 ABS (Active Balance System)

ABS (active balancing system) provides your with various ways to strengthen your upper body, especially the pectoral muscles. With a pin, you easily unlock or lock the movement of the press arm. By unlocking the press arm, you loosen it and are forced to compensate for the resistance using your own strength (same as with bench presses). This way, you will strengthen your muscles evenly. If you lock the press arm, yu'll get standard machine setting and all you have to focus on is lifting weights.



Great Stability and High Weight Limit

The sturdy steel frame with 8.5 x 4.5 cm profile provides high stability for exercising. Thanks to the frame's high durability, a lifelong warranty is guaranteed for domestic use. This is only accenuated by the special Platinum Gray coating that protects the frame from scratches and other abrasions. Because the frame is so robust, it is bale to withstand the weight limit of 180 kg.





 Maximum Adjustment

The multi-gym features an elaborate yet simple resistance and inclination adjustment. This way, you can adjust the multi-gym according to your own needs within a few seconds. You can adjust the following:
▪ 10 counter pulley positions
▪ 8 press arm positions
▪ 7 backrest positions
▪ 3 seat positions


Weights and Pulleys

Using a simple mechanism, you can set the load from 4.5 kg to 90 kg. However, if you want to exercise with even higher load, you can easily adjust it thanks to special pulleys that allow you to adjust resistance up to 180 kg. The impregnated fiberglass nylon pulleys with ball bearings ensure smooth and continuous operation. All 20 blocks are covered with nylon casings that prolong their overall service life.



Multi-Gym Body Craft Elite - Documents to download

pdf Manual

Multi-Gym Body Craft Elite - Product parameters

User's weight limit
180 kg
197 kg
Maximum user height
not limited
Weights type
Maximum load
90 kg
Bench press
Leg extensions
Leg Curls
Butterfly with back support
Butterfly with chest support
Upper pulley
Pick-up roller (upper)
Pick-up sitting with chest support
Seated chest presses
Triceps press
Biceps pulley - free
Biceps pulley - with support
Triceps pulley
Leg raises
Arm raises (shoulders)
Adduction and abduction (thighs)
Cable exercises (abdomen)

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Multi-Gym Body Craft Elite - video

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