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How to Choose a Multi-Gym?

Multi-gym is multi-purpose equipment that combines bench press, pulley and leg extension stations, providing a way to fully exercise your body. It provides a practical combination of multiple workout machines for a favourable price. The multi-gym is variable and can be easily adjusted, even if you are just a beginner or undergoing convalescence.


Usually, the base of a multi-gym is a multi-purpose adjustable bench with a back rest. Aside from other stations, multi-gyms also have upper and lower pulleys. Another important part are the wire ropes and they must be made of durable materials (same as pulleys and bearings).

Multi-gym categorization:

  • with weight plates – weights in the form of a set of small plates
  • with weight discs – weights in the form of separate discs and barbells with a corresponding diameter

Multi-Gym Types

  • Bench press multi-gyms – can be attached to the frame and allow you to train your trapezius and chest muscles. However, the combined multi-gym is more practical.
  • Bench press and pulley combined – allows for an effective training of all muscle groups in both upper and lower parts of your body. The pulley blocks are made of the frame, rope and pulley. You lift the weights by pulling on the ropes, training trapezius muscles, biceps and triceps in the process.
  • Leg extension station – there are many leg presses available, as well as additional leg curl extensions, squat extensions and others.

Combined multi-gyms are the most sought-after – pulley and bench press with additional leg extension station (leg press). Because of this, one device is more than enough to provide a week-long workout training – you can exercise your biceps, chest muscles and legs. The upper pulley will strengthen your arms and back muscles, lower pulley helps you simulate rowing movement, side pulleys are for biceps, leg extension is there for strengthening your legs and with higher-quality multigyms, you’ll be able to do lateral raises as well.

Key Parameter: Maximum Weight Limit

There are many multi-gym models on the market, with weight limit up to 130 kg, sometimes even up to 150 kg (for tall athletes up to 2 m). Because multi-gym is a heavy piece of equipment (ensuring its stability and quality), avoid unnecessary injuries and do not underestimate the maximum weight limit recommended by the manufacturer.

Generally speaking, the more expensive the multi-gym is, the better its ergonomics and range of movement. Hotel and public gyms require sturdier equipment than home gyms. However, if you intend to work intensely at home, then it is wise to invest into a multi-gym with a more robust frame.

Do You Have Enough Room for a Multi-Gym?

Save space of approximately 3 m in length and 2.5 m in height for your multi-gym. Before you buy it, think about whether you want to train only the upper half of your body or if you want to focus on your legs as well. However, there are all-purpose multi-gyms for confined spaces as well. For any fitness equipment, you should demand at least 5-year warranty. Standard services also include free delivery, service at home and with the more expensive models, free assembly.

6 Main Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Multi-Gym

  1. Purpose
  2. Maximum weigh limit
  3. Dimensions and storage
  4. Price vs quality
  5. Customer service and assembly
  6. Warranty period

100 Exercises on a Multi-Gym

For in-home recreational training, as well as home training, Cheaper multi-gyms are more than suitable for all-purpose ergonomic training for in-home recreational training, as well as regular home training for athletes – and they can provide up to 100 separate exercises:

  • bench press
  • multi press
  • various pull-ups
  • abdomen exercises
  • chest exercises (butterfly)
  • pulling exercises in front of and behind your body
  • rowing simulation
  • steppers with resistance adjustment to strengthen your leg muscles
  • leg curls
  • and other exercises, some with the use of an electronic control panel

Use the multi-gym to train separate muscle groups:

  • upper limbs – biceps a triceps
  • lower limbs – leg curls, dead lifts with legs stretched
  • chest and back – presses while sitting up, chest presses, using he double-handed grip, training with upper pulleys
  • shoulders – pulls while standing, rowing simulation
  • abdomen – sit-ups

A Nice Multi-Gym – the Foundation of a Home Gym

When picking out multi-gym for home use, be sure to also consider its design and comfort it will offer during training. These days, multi-gyms are made to be with design and aesthetics in mind to fit into your home, for example a teenager’s room. You can read other customers’ reviews to help you choose.

Are you definitively decided on buying a multi-gym now? Good. This multi-purpose equipment for home training will help you effectively build up your muscle mass, improve your overall health and increase your confidence.

After that, you need only a few dumbbells, an exercise bike (or an elliptical trainer) and your very own home gym is finished. Let it serve you well and for a long time!

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