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Magnetic Bracelet inSPORTline Toliman

Stylish bracelet, magnets of high strength, very low weight, double strap, suitable for everyday use, helps improve physical fitness.

Stylish bracelet, magnets of high strength, very low weight, double strap, suitable for everyday use, helps improve physical fitness. more »

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Magnetic Bracelet inSPORTline Toliman

Magnetic Bracelet inSPORTline Toliman completely stimulates the functions of human body. The high quality of used materials will satisfy anyone. Silicone and surgical steel are suitable for allergic people and they don’t react with sweat (non-corrosive). Neodymium magnets are made in relatively small sizes, consisting of one fifth boron and four fifths neodymium. They release small amounts of energy while they are in contact with your skin. Magnetic Bracelet inSPORTline Toliman is more than suitable for everyday use and sports activities. It improves performance and increases concentration.

Neodymium magnets have a number of positive effects. The unique blend of four technologies – magnet therapy, infrared radiation, negatively charged ions and germanium – provides magnetic jewellery with priceless range. They increase oxygen levels in blood, stimulate cellular regeneration, stabilize blood pressure and help release toxic substances. They have analgesic effect and as such relieve joint and muscle pain, reduce swellings and speed up recovery. They also have anti-inflammatory effect, as well as a positive impact on degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the muscular system, ligaments and tendons (tennis elbow, Achilles tendon). Magnetic Bracelet inSPORTline Toliman will effectively relieve chronic neck or shoulder pain caused by overstraining, injury or stress. They also help with toothache and menstrual cramps. In the wrist, there are many biologically active points connected to inner organs. They help increase performance and physical fitness. The magnets do not substitute medical care; however, they are a suitable accessory in such matters.


Technical description:

  • To-quality magnetic bracelet
  • Quality manufacture
  • Unique design
  • Strap made of silicone safe for human health
  • Chip that absorbs electromagnetic radiation
  • 4 pcs of neodymium magnets
  • Mix of matte and burnished steel (316L, hypoallergenic)
  • Dimensions: length 22 cm x width 0.4 cm
  • Weight: 24 g
  • Easy maintenance
  • It is not recommended to wear next to your wristwatch


  • Magnetic bracelets are not suitable for pregnant women and people with pacemakers. If you have artificial joints, metal screws or artificial organs, consult your GP about using magnetic accessories.

Magnetic Bracelet inSPORTline Toliman - Product parameters

Type of jewellery
Number of magnets
4 pcs
Magnet type
Silicone, Stainless steel
24 g
Gift box

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