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Resistance Band inSPORTline Hangy 13 mm X-Light

Rubber band with the lowest resistance, easy to store, effective accessory for both home and gym training. more

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Resistance Band inSPORTline Hangy 13 mm is a multi-purpose fitness accessory suitable for exercises such as bench presses, deadlifts or squats. It can be used not only for exercising, but stretching as well. By extending and loosening the band you increase or decrease its resistance, which is great, especially when applied to deficiencies in muscle coordination or when recovering after an injury. By increasing the resistance, you help your muscles gradually built a mass again. Last but not least, this belt can be used on pull-up bars or wall bars for easier pulling up.

Because the band is compact and light, it is easy to transport and therefore an ideal training accessory to the gym, as well as your home.

Technical description:

  • High flexibility
  • You can knot more bands together
  • Suitable for exercising both at home and at a gym
  • Easy to store (minimum space requirements)
  • An effective accessory
  • Also useable on pull-up bars and wall bars for easier pulling up
  • Resistance: 12 kg
  • Width: 1.5 cm
  • Length: 102 cm
  • Weight: 106 g


Product parameters

Design rubber
Resistance 12 kg
Circumference 204 cm
Weight (g) 106 g
Width 1.30 cm
Length 102 cm
Material Rubber
Pcs per package 1 pcs
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