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How to Choose a Resistance Band?

Resistance bands are multi-purpose and affordable training accessories for strengthening and stretching your muscles at home, in a gym, outdoors or during Pilates or Yoga exercises. We offer a wide range of resistance bands and therefore want to give you a few instructions on how to differentiate between the many various types.

How Can Resistance Bands Help You Exercise?

Resistance bands will help you effectively strengthen your entire body – deep back muscles, muscles around your joints and large muscle groups as well. They can be also used for stretching or rehabilitation.

These simple but effective accessories will always help you with improving your fitness, regardless of your age. Resistance bands are used by teenagers, professional athletes, people with a desk job and even seniors. Resistance bands can also make any exercise more fun.

The Main Advantages of Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can serve as a substitute for dumbbells and even some workout trainers. They are light, easy to store, cheap and most of all, safe. You can build your own collection of resistance bands and use them interchangeably as you see fit. This way, your training will be more variable and you’ll achieve better results.

Basic Categories

Rubber resistance bands

Rubber resistance bands are the most commonly used. They vary in shape, resistance strength, flexibility and grip style – they can either have a grip or not (you wrap them around your hand).

Get inspired by 6 different types of rubber resistance bands:

  1. The popular adjustable rubber resistance band has 3 rubber bands, 7 different resistance levels (4.5 – 20.3 kg) and a case so you can easily carry and store the whole set. It is ideal for training your shoulders, arms, chest and back. Its 2 soft grips are easy to connect to the rubber bands. As one of our customers says: “You can probably exercise any part of your body with this. You just have to be inventive.”
  2. Another favourite is a 70 cm long and 15 cm wide strong silicone resistance band with grips. You can use it both outdoors and indoors to exercise mainly your legs and arms. The resistance strength of the band is marked by its colour.
  3. There is a great selection of rubber bands. The bands vary in their rigidity and are an ideal training accessory for bench presses, dead lifts and squats. They are used for effective stretching. The constant tightening and loosening of the band increases or decreases the resistance, which helps with correcting muscle coordination or rehabilitation after an injury. The individual bands vary in width and are sweat and moisture resistant.
  4. Special rubber resistance band for those who love yoga, power yoga and Pilates is divided into 8 parts, all with gradually higher resistance. There are 14 types of exercises available.
  5. Rubber resistance trainer made of silicone is suitable mainly for stretching before and after exercising. You warm up your muscles to prevent a potential injury. Again, the resistance strength is marked by the colour of the band.
  6. You can also get a rubber resistance band with a snap-hook, or a band can be made just according to your specifications (price for 1 m), either in a form of a band or a tube. Additionally, you can buy grips for more comfortable exercising.

Yoga resistance band

Special yoga band made of acryl has a plastic buckle for length adjustment. It will help you with the more difficult exercise positions – touching your toes for example. The cotton yoga band is suitable for stretching asanas and can be even used for Pilates exercises.

Spring trainer

A classic spring trainer with 5 steel springs for resistance regulation to exercise your biceps and chest muscles. Old-school training accessories are gaining popularity again – no wonder, since they have been tested by generations.

Exercise bands

Exercise bands can help you start with weight loss exercises in the privacy of your home. They are easily installed into your door frame. The set includes 2 leg bands and 2 arm bands (made of textile rope). Each pair of bands is connected to a pulley that allows you to exercise one part of your body using the weight of another, i.e. using the weight of your legs to train your arms and vice versa.

Other resistance and pull up bands

Other resistance-based accessories include a multi-purpose door pulley with a safety grip and 3 possible resistance adjustments, toning rings or training ropes to prepare you for sports that require firm abdominal muscles. Light and foldable exercise bar with durable rubber handles will help you train your entire body. You can also choose a set of 3 rubber resistance bands or a fun multi-coloured Morpo trainer.

Fitness set with resistance bands

Practical fitness set for improving your physical fitness both outdoors and indoors includes a set of two resistance bands (classic and for Pilates, both made of TPR rubber), two finger strengtheners, a jump rope and a zip-sealed bag with a handle.

Choose a Resistance Band to Your Liking!

Resistance bands and similar accessories will help you strengthen your body and improve your physical fitness with ease. Use them at home, in your garden, in a park, at a gym or anywhere else you will go.

As you can see, the selection is truly vast. We are sure you will find the right resistance band not just for yourself, but for your friends and family as well, maybe as a gift. Working out is a hit and in these days, a resistance band will surely be more appreciated than a pair of slippers. :-)

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