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HA400 Men's Compression Sleeves -yellow - SPECIAL OFFER

Compression sleeves improve the function of blood circulation and promote the endurance and performance of your muscles.

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Compression sleeves improve the function of blood circulation and promote the endurance and performance of your muscles.

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HA400 Men's Compression Sleeves -yellow

Compression sleeves Skins A400 provide another layer of protection for your arms. Materials used for SKINS products are specially woven by warp knit method (warp knitting) of composite fibers of the highest quality, which ensures their maximum functionality. Achieve improvement of blood circulation function and support endurance and performance of your muscles. Keep them on your arms even after workout and thus improve the recovery. Built-in system of escalated compression improves blood circulation and helps to accelerate the elimination of lactic acid, thus reducing the risk of injury and swelling and reduces after-training muscle fatigue. Compression sleeves Skins A400 have specifically placed seams which act as "supporting points" and provide reduction of muscle vibration, which means less after-training muscle fatigue.

Technical description:

  • top-quality compression sleeves
  • flat seams
  • durable materials
  • UV protection of 50+
  • Memory MX fabric contains unique, highly flexible elastomeric fiber
  • improves performance and accelerates regeneration
  • most comfortable fit, absolute accuracy
  • humidity control
  • permanent antimicrobial ingredients absorb odorous substances
  • special method of weaving by warp knit method
  • worked-out details



  • more oxygen to your muscles
  • strength and stability
  • reduction of the risk of injury
  • faster recovery
  • better protection
  • humidity control
  • performance improvement
  • reduction of after-training pain


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