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Compression Wear

Do you want to buy compression clothes, but are not sure how to pick them out? Or you just want to know how compression clothes work? Keep reading and your questions will be answered. 

Compression wear can be categorized according to its intended purpose either as sports compression wear or slimming compression wear.

Compression Sportswear

Compression sportswear is special clothing meant to be worn during and after sports activities. Compression wear usually comes in a form of shorts, pants, shirts, socks, sleeves or underwear. Most often, this kind of clothing is made of an extremely elastic material.

One of the main advantages of sports compression clothing is the fact that it keeps the muscles warm, resulting in the decrease of muscle tension and fatigue. Another uncontested advantage of these clothes is that they can wick the sweat away from your body. This way, the skin stays dry longer, preventing any irritation. It has also been proven that compression clothing can improve your athletic performance. Men find compression wear especially useful since it keeps the male genitalia in place.

There are many types of compression clothes, such as compression shirts, socks, sleeves and compression pants. Our compression wear comes from Skins or Newline, brands that focus on the production of top-quality sportswear, as well as cycling and running clothes. Compression wear is becoming more and more popular these days. We also offer special slimming clothes inSPORTline Revolution Slim. 

Compression clothing's main advantages:

  • better muscle performance and therefore improved overall sports performance
  • limits muscle movement and vibrations
  • lower risk of muscle injuries
  • maintaining body temperature
  • wicking sweat away from the body
  • lowers the production of creatine kinase (an enzyme) that signifies damage to muscle tissue
  • accelerates muscle regeneration
  • reduces muscle pain during regeneration
  • effectively prevents limb swelling, for example when you sit for long periods of time
  • allows you to prolong your training and increase your training load

Compression Wear's Slimming Effects

The slimming effect of compressing accelerates the circulation of lymph and venous blood. This prevents the cumulation of these fluids in intercellular spaces and in blood vessels, helps transport fats and improves the transfer of metabolites from hypodermis. Compressive clothing plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of all types of hyperosmolar swellings and gynoid obesity (especially for women with a pear-shaped figure) or cellulitis. Compression clothing’s special cut and stitching stimulate the physiological transfer of lymph.

Slimming effects (obesity, cellulitis):

  • Helps to activate the venolymphatic system
  • Helps form mainly pear-shaped (gynoid) figure
  • Stimulates fat transfer from problematic areas
  • Helps with obesity reduction
  • Has anti-cellulitis effects
  • Smooths the skin and prevents it from losing its tightness
  • Maintain the achieved result


Compression Wear Functions:

Compression clothes work on a verified basis, where a specially developed material compresses a given part of your body with precision. This stimulates and accelerates blood circulation, causing more oxygen to enter the smaller muscles, improving their performance and decreasing muscle regeneration time. When you are doing sports, lactic acid forms in your muscles and causes muscle fatigue and ache. Compression clothing stimulates blood circulation, which makes the expulsion of toxins and the lactic acid easier, resulting in a better recovery after an injury or strenuous sports activity. Clothes with these functions have been successfully used in health care for a long time. Sportswear manufacturers realized its usefulness in regards to muscle regeneration, developing many types of compression clothing.

Brands Skins and Newline specialize in sportswear and medical clothing and especially running clothing. As such, a new special material, Compression NT-71 Crossastic, was developed. The material tightly envelopes and supports your muscles, increasing their performance thanks to better blood circulation during and after a sports activity. Extremely high compression elasticity 80/20 of the threads provides the required pressure that is then transferred onto the muscle mass, shaping and slimming the body in the process.

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