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Wrist Ball inSPORTline MegaSpin

Gyroscope-based accessory perfect for strengthening wrist and forearm. more

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The Wrist Ball inSPORTline MegaSpin is a perfect accessory for strengthening hand muscles, especially the wrist and the forearm. This is a gyroscopic ball – when spinning, the flywheel inside the ball can generate gyroscopic resistance. The more you spin the ball, the greater the resistance. 

The Wrist Ball inSPORTline MegaSpin has become popular with manual as well as office workers (who suffer from wrist and forearm pain as a result of using a keyboard and mouse every day). Apart from strengthening hand muscles, it also helps relieve sore or tight muscles after a long, hard day.

Technical description:

  • Gyroscope-based ball for strengthening palm, wrist and forearm muscles
  • Axle made of high-quality steel
  • Outer cover made of hardened plastic
  • Non-slip rubber ring around the perimeter
  • Suitable for tennis, squash, golf, mountain climbing, etc.
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5.5 cm
  • Weight 270 g


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