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inSPORTline VibroGym Rita Vibration Machine

Microprocessor, 150kg max, 25 - 50Hz

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Microprocessor, 150kg max, 25 - 50Hz

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inSPORTline VibroGym Rita Vibration Machine

inSPORTline VibroGym Dance Vibration Machine will help you to form your figure.

The principle of vibration causes reflex contraction of muscles. Standing for 5 minutes with knees slightly bent is enough to feel the results. The whole body can be exercised. Exercises are described in the manual. Arms and back can be exercised with two rubber belts which are fixed to the lower part of the machine.

  • helps to form your body and loose the body weight quickly and effectively
  • exercise efficiency is tripled during the vibration process
  • special massage mat with adhesive and serrated surface releases the tension on your feet, palms, buttocks and back…
  • assures fast recovery and regeneration after physically demanding activity, sports activity or exercise
  • Dance Machine is ideal as opening or final training phase of runners, inline skaters, cyclist or skiers…
  • can help to cure rheumatism and other diseases, e.g. bone and joint diseases (after doctor’s recommendation)
  • improves the blood circulation
  • helps to cure muscle and joint pain and stiffness
  • improves balance and coordination
  • helps to fight cellulite
  • fights stress and depression
  • increases the production of the growth hormone
Technical description of the inSPORTline Dance machine:
  • Engine power: 500 W
  • Works fluently
  • Vibration frequency: 25 – 50 Hz
  • Fluent increase of 1 Hz possible
  • Amplitude: 0,5 – 2,0 mm
  • Computer with 3 LED displays
  • Two operating consoles
  • You can choose of more than 50 vibration intensities
  • 3 user programs
  • Time programs: 30 – 180 S
  • Belts with grips for larger variability of exercises
  • Weight: 100 Kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 150 Kg
  • Dimensions: 100L x 783W x 156 cm H
  • Colour: black, white

Extended warrantyRozšířená záruka 5 let

Toned body parts:

InSPORTline Vibration Machine is successfully used in Czech “Studio 40” by MUDr. Monika Oslizlová for recovery, reduction of overweight and relaxation of sportsmen.
MUDr. Oslizlová
- Look at the examples of the vibration machine workout

inSPORTline VibroGym Rita Vibration Machine - Documents to download

pdf Manual EN
pdf Brochure

inSPORTline VibroGym Rita Vibration Machine - Product parameters

Vibration type
Motor output
350 W
Vibrating deck dimensions
99 x 64
Weight limit (kg)
180 kg
Vibration frequency
20 - 60
Number of vibration speeds
Number of programs
Compensating for uneven floor
Computer Control
Resistance band
Dimensions when fully assembled
100 x 102 x 171
142 kg
Usage category
Commercial use

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