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Double-Sided Velcro Strap inSPORTline Airstunt

Allows you to connect two inflatable mats together. more

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The Double-Sided Velcro Strap inSPORTline Airstunt allows you to connect two inflatable mats together. It’s really easy – all you have to do is place the mats next to each other and attach the strap to their ends. The mats are usually connected at their shorter side. This practical accessory allows you to expand your exercise area in a matter of seconds.

The strap is 60 centimeters long, making it suitable for the Inflatable Exercise Mat inSPORTline Airplace. If you have a larger mat, no problem. Just place two straps next to each other.

Technical description:

  • Velcro strap that allows you to connect two airtrack inflatable mats together
  • Perfect accessory for gyms and gymnastic clubs
  • Allows you to expand your exercise area
  • Suitable for all inflatable exercise mats with the loop part of Velcro
  • Length: 60 cm
  • Width: 27 cm
  • Material: PVC, Velcro



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