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E-Scooter inSPORTline Zitter - SPECIAL OFFER

Sturdy folding structure, suitable for road traffic, long distance range, cruise control, inflatable tires, number of safety features, primarily suitable for adults.

Sturdy folding structure, suitable for road traffic, long distance range, cruise control, inflatable tires, number of safety features, primarily suitable for adults. more »

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E-Scooter inSPORTline Zitter

The E-Scooter inSPORTline Zitter is an outstanding e-scooter. With its 45 km/h max speed, powerful, 500W engine and 960 revolutions, this scooter is lightning quick. Placed in the rear wheel, the brushless motor is maintenance free. With its 150kg weight limit, roads with a 10° percent slope will be no problem for this scooter, making it suitable for uphill riding. The E-Scooter inSPORTline Zitter is perfect not only for riding to work/school, but also for recreational riding and all kinds of trips.


Robust, but lightweight and compact 

Even though it is a powerful scooter, it only weighs 18.5 kg (thanks to its lightweight aviation aluminum frame). Moreover, you can fold the scooter up or unfold it in no time, making it easy to carry around and/or store. 

Trips far beyond the city limits  

The 15Ah lithium battery allows for a 55km distance range on a single charge (the battery charges to full capacity in 6 to 8 hours). As a result, you can use the scooter more than once before having to recharge the battery. Moreover, you can use the scooter even if the battery is dead. Placed in the deck, the battery will not bother you during the ride. You can easily recharge it using the compact charger, which you can take everywhere you go.

Everything under control

Its adjustable handlebar height (84 – 115 cm) makes the E-Scooter inSPORTline Zitter suitable for users of all heights.The easy-to-read, backlit display allows you to follow all the important information such as current speed, battery status, current distance covered, overall distance covered and time. Moreover, the display also features a USB port which you can use to recharge your cell phone.

Cruise control

Going on a longer trip? Use cruise control. Just let the scooter run at the same speed for a while and the cruise control will automatically activate. You can then release the throttle and ride. Cruise control is switched off during braking. If you do not want to use the cruise control at all, you can deactivate it in the scooter menu.

Comfort and safety

The E-Scooter inSPORTline Zitter has top quality features. The combination of 10” wheels with high quality tires and suspension allows for a smooth ride and provides excellent riding characteristics. The two reliable disc brakes will keep you safe even at high speeds.

Start it up :)

The scooter won’t start on its own (i.e. when you accidentally hit the brake lever). You have to push off the ground to get it going (just like regular scooters). If you want to use the motor from the get-go, though, you can do so – all you have to do is adjust the settings in the display menu (where you can also choose how aggressive the start should be). 

And something more?

Sure! Lighting is another safety feature. Apart from battery-powered front and rear lights, the E-Scooter inSPORTline Zitter also features a brake light which lights up when the brake is activated. Moreover, using the rear indicator lights you can signal a change of direction. You may also appreciate the loud horn. The two fenders will come in handy in adverse weather while the large deck will make you comfortable on longer trips. The wide handlebars with ergonomic, soft foam handle grips provide additional comfort.

This trendy scooter is suitable for all kinds of trips, as well as recreational and fast riding.

Warning: Store the battery in a dry place and away from light, with room temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Before storing it for a longer period of time, charge the battery to full capacity. Repeat the process every month.
By following these instructions, the rated capacity of the battery will not fall below 70% of its total capacity within 12 months of purchase.

Technical description:

Frame material

Aviation aluminum

Engine power

500 W

Engine type

Brushless, DC motor

Max engine revolutions


Max torque

20 Nm

Max speed

25/35/45 km/h

Max slope

10° (17.36 %)


Li-Ion 15 Ah, 48 V

Distance range on single charge

Up to 55 km

Charging time to full capacity

6 – 8 hrs.





Tire size

10" (25.4 cm)

Deck dimensions

50 x 21.5 cm

Deck height (top)

16.5 cm

Deck height (bottom)

10.5 cm

Handlebar height

84 – 115 cm

Handlebar width

56 cm


Front/rear lights, brake light (automatic), rear indicator lights


120 x 56 x 115 cm

Collapsed dimensions

115 x 24 x 38 cm

Minimum recommended user height

150 cm

Weight limit

150 kg


18.5 kg

Setting options

Cruise control, push-off on/off, start smoothness 


Folding mechanism, multifunctional backlit display (battery-powered), loud horn, kickstand, fenders, USB port for cell phone charging, holes for attaching seat

E-Scooter inSPORTline Zitter - Product parameters

Weight limit
150 kg
Minimum recommended user height
150 cm
15Ah / 48V, Li-Ion
Maximum distance
Maximum speed
45 km/h
18.50 kg
Motor output
500 W
Wheel size
1200 x 560 x 1150 mm
Wheel type
Drive type
Hub drive
Motor placement
in the rear wheel
Regenerative brakes

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