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Thuasne neoprene knee support

Neoprene knee support with thermal insulation, elastic material, slipping on over the foot.

Neoprene knee support with thermal insulation, elastic material, slipping on over the foot.

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Thuasne neoprene knee support

Universal knee bandage Thuasne is made of high quality flexible neoprene. The neoprene has excellent insulation properties. The temperature of strained muscles is very important for the expansion of blood vessels, which thus increases the blood flow in the area, and improves the performance of local metabolism. Therefore, thermal insulation is one of the priority effects of universal knee bandage Thuasne. Neoprene knee support relieves pain after an injury, dislocation or contusion and this leads to easier movement. Universal knee bandage Thuasne is also useful in preventing injuries of ligaments and inflammation. The hole at the center of the knee bandage ensures more comfortable movement. As a result, you can return to the activities in which you risk injury to the knee.

Technical specifications:

  • universal knee bandage
  • thermal insulation
  • relieves pain (after injury, dislocations, contusions)
  • anatomical shape (adapts to the shape of your knee)
  • system of slipping on over the foot
  • material: high quality flexible neoprene
  • prevention of injury / inflammation of the knee
  • suitable for fixation of the knee during sports activities

Table of sizes:

  • S    31 - 33 cm
  • M    34 - 36 cm
  • L     37 - 39 cm
  • XL   40 - 42 cm
  • XXL 43 - 45 cm

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