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U-care magnetic bamboo wrist support

Magnetic bandage of a bamboo-carbon fibre for a wrist.

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Magnetic bandage of a bamboo-carbon fibre for a wrist.

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U-care magnetic bamboo wrist support

High-quality magnetic U-care bandage of a bamboo -carbon fibre on the wrist. Bamboo-carbon fibers emit infra-red rays that promote blood circulation, and thus relaxe the pressure exerted by the region during exercise. The bandage is made of woven material of high density, is elastic, soft, comfortable, and can be easily cleaned. Magnets increase the blood flow to the skin, relaxe the pressure exerted on the region, and help with pain caused by arthritis. High-quality Velcro for quick and easy fastening.

Technical specifications:

  • effective bandage of bamboo-carbon fiber
  • supports blood circulation
  • helps rapid regeneration
  • relieves the pain caused by arthritis
  • relieves manifestations of menopause
  • increases the resistance of the organism against diseases
  • elastic protective padding adapts to the shape of the wrist and protects it against damage
  • high-quality Velcro
  • 4 pieces of magnets
The advantages of carbon fibres of bamboo:
  Excellent thermoregulation properties
Carbon fiber of bamboo with its porous structure can absorb energy from the human body and its surroundings.
  Quickly dryes out and absorbs the humidity
A unique cross-structure reduces the sweating and keeps the skin dry. Woven fabrics of this fiber excel in a large resistance against damage.
  Emits infra-red radiation
Carbon fiber of bamboo emits infra-red radiation that promotes blood circulation and keeps the body warm.
  Protection against UV radiation
Effectively protects against UV radiation.
  Resistance to bacteria and natural deodorant
The structure of a Taiwanese bamboo coal contains natural minerals, which absorb humidity, which reduces unpleasant odours and is active against bacteria and fungi.

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