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Triceps Press - Hydraulicline CAC700

Highly efficient strengthening of triceps and arms without stress on your joints, 6 adjustable resistance levels.

Highly efficient strengthening of triceps and arms without stress on your joints, 6 adjustable resistance levels. more »

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Triceps Press - Hydraulicline CAC700

Triceps Down Machine from the Hydraulic Line series is a part of a special circuit training. The machine is designed for safe and effective triceps training. The whole Hydraulic Line series works on the basis of hydraulic shock absorbers that provide stable resistance for your exercising. Triceps Down Machine Hydraulicline CAC700 has a quality seat with a large backrest, high moisture resistant padding, strong base for maximum stability and two handles with anti-slip grips attached to a hydraulic shock absorber that allows for 6 levels of resistance. The handles are moving on a revolving pin placed to allows for a correct ergonomic movement of your arms. The sturdy frame has a special coating resistant to scratching and flaking. Thanks to the simple, yet effective Hydraulic-Line system that doesn’t strain the joints, the triceps machine is suitable for both recovery purposes and intense everyday training.

Technical description:

  • Zero starting resistance allows for easier start to the exercise
  • 6 adjustable resistance levels
  • Minimum resistance: 4 kg
  • Maximum resistance: 15 kg
  • Strong base and sturdy frame provide maximum stability while you exercise
  • Coating resistant to scratching and flaking
  • Special anti-slip grips attached to a revolving pin
  • Stable resistance of the hydraulic shock absorber
  • Easy on the joints
  • Safe training even without supervision
  • Dimensions: length 102 x width 70 x height 111 cm
  • Weight: 33.5 kg
  • Suitable for both commercial and home use

Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, the inSPORTline coach:

Strengthening your stabilization muscles will help you reduce longterm back pain.

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