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Volleyball Ball Spartan Indoor


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Volleyball Ball Spartan Indoor

Spartan Indoor is a classic volleyball glued from 18 parts of synthetic leather. With its weight of 260-280 g and 65-67 cm circumference it belongs to the category of universal balls for all levels of volleyball players. It is especially suited for indoor volleyball, but it can be used for training even in outdoor conditions. Thanks to the implementation of the popular colour combination yellow-white-blue is the ball perfectly visible during game.

Technical description:

  • made of 18 parts of high quality synthetic leather
  • standard weight 260-280 g
  • official circumference 65-67 cm
  • excellent flight characteristics
  • suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • approved by the International Volleyball Federation
  • delivered deflated

Volleyball Ball Spartan Indoor - Product parameters

Synthetic leather
Playing surface type
Sewn together
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