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Stimulant Nutrend Explosin 20x9g

Pre-training supplement with a mix of active substances for hard training sessions.

Pre-training supplement with a mix of active substances for hard training sessions. more »

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Stimulant Nutrend Explosin 20x9g

Stimulant Nutrend Explosin 20x9g is a unique pre-training supplement for hardcore training. The effective active substance combination stimulates blood circulation, boosting your energy and improve your concentration during training. It contains three mixes of active substances that enhance the overall beneficial effect. These substances include caffeine, arginine, an efficient mix of polyphenols Vinitrox, citrulline malate, synephrine and others.



(caffeine, tyrosine)


(arginine, Vinitrox, L-citrulline malate)


(synephrine, taurine)

Use: energizing your body for hard training, improves your overall concentration

Recommended dosage: If you weigh under 85 kg, take 6 g. If you weigh over 85 kg or perform advanced training, take 9 g. Consume 30 minutes before training. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Instructions for use: Mix the recommended dose in water. Dilution ratio is 6 g (1 full tea spoon) and 130-160 ml of water or 9 g (1.5 tea spoon) and 190-240 ml of water. After opening the package, store in temperatures under 25°C and consume within 4 months.

Warning: Thanks to the high concentration of active substances, there will be undissolved particles visible in the mix. This is a natural occurence.

Warning: Food supplement, with sweeteners, with high caffeine content (150 mg/6 g/225 mg/9 g) - not intended for children, pregnant, and nursing women.

Does not replace a varied diet. Not intended for children, pregnant, and nursing women. Keep out of reach of children! Store in a dry place at the temperature not exceeding 25 °C and away from direct sunlight. Do not freeze. The producer is not liable for any damage cause by improper use or storage.

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