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Vin-Bell Dumbbell 8kg inSPORTline

Vinyl one-handed 8 kg dumbbell in a shape of a bell with cement filling

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Vin-Bell Dumbbell 8kg inSPORTline

One-handed dumbbell inSPORTline Vin-Bell is quality one-hand bell-shaped dumbbell with a triangular grip. Body of the dumbbell is made of high quality vinyl material, filled with cement filling. Quality and solid handle of the dumbbell ensures safe and comfortable workout. On the bottom is the inSPORTline Vin-Bell dumbbell fitted with small rubber pads that ensure stability of the dumbbell when it is set aside. This dumbbell is suitable for all ages and performance of users and is designed to develop strength.

Technical description:

  • Quality body of the dumbbell of vinyl material, filled with cement filling
  • Surface resistant to moisture and abrasion
  • 4 prop rubber pads to ensure stability of the dumbbell when it is set aside and stored
  • Guaranteed accuracy of dumbbell weight
  • Weight marking on the body of the dumbbell
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Price per one piece

Vin-Bell Dumbbell 8kg inSPORTline - Product parameters

8 kg

Vin-Bell Dumbbell 8kg inSPORTline - video

Vibrogym EN mini

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