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How to Choose a Dumbbell

Even though are dumbbells at first glance a simple fitness equipment, it will often surprise you with its versatility! The number of muscle groups that you can train with them is also admirable. But for the right training it is necessary to find the right dumbbell.

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Dumbbell Type

According to their type, we divide dumbbells into two categories – adjustable dumbbells and fixed dumbbells with fixed weight. If you have little space at home, adjustable dumbbells are more economical, on which you can change the load with the help of discs. After all, a complete set of classic dumbbells needs some space - if not a professional fitness, then at least a decent home gym.

  • Adjustable dumbbells – With the possibility to adjust the weight of a barbell by adding or removing weights, you can do with just one barbell, even though your performance increases over time. They will also come in handy if there are more users in one household. The discs are usually part of a set, but you can also use sets purchased separately - just make sure that the diameter of the barebell bar matches the diameter of the hole at the weight.
  • Universal dumbbells – These dumbbells have a fixed weight and shape, which can be reflected in an ergonomic design or non-slip knurls, which ensure a better grip.
  • Kettlebells – These are specific bell-shaped dumbbells with a handle at the top. They are great for strength training and offer a wide range of uses for one-handed and two-handed grip. That's why it's one of the most popular fitness equipment.
  • Aerobic dumbbells – Ideal for running, fitboxing and other sports - wherever they help to increase the workload, but at the same time, thanks to their compact size, they do not interfere with movement. They are lighter and smaller so that they fit easily in your hand.

Dumbbell Weight

When choosing the right weight of a dumbbell, you must first clarify for what purpose you are actually exercising. Heavier dumbbells are good for building muscle mass, while lighter muscles strengthen and stabilize joints and tendons. In general, a larger muscle area can withstand a greater load. So if you want to focus on your arms and shoulders, use smaller and medium dumbbells and keep the larger ones to strengthen your back, chest and legs.

Of course, beginners should start with lighter dumbbells and gradually work their way to higher loads. Be careful - overwork puts strain on your muscles and can lead to injury.

Jednoruční činky


Dumbbells can vary in both the composition of the filling and the material of the surface treatment. Cement, steel and durable metal alloys are usually used as fillers. The surface can be more diverse – chromerubberplastic  nebo třeba vinyl.

Rubber dumbbells absorb shocks when they hit the ground and are thus popular mainly in the home environment. At the same time, they last a long time and can withstand rough handling, which also applies to dumbbells with a steel filling. At the other end of the spectrum, we have cement dumbbells that are cost-effective, but need to be treated more gently. It is also good to remember that as the weight of the cement barbell increases, so does its volume.

Dumbbell sets

Once you decide to buy the whole dumbbell set, you will definitely want the dumbbells to have similar properties and, of course, the same design. The division into categories according to the material and properties of individual model series will help you to choose:

Nakládací činky

Two-handed dumbbells

Two-handed dumbbells are an important part of professional and home exercising! You will work effectively with them especially on the upper half of the body, specifically the biceps, triceps, shoulders and pectoral muscles. However, training is more demanding than with a one-handed dumbbell. If you are just starting with a two-handed, you should reach a weight of around 15-20 kg. In addition to the classic barbells, there are interesting modern variations.

  • Dumbbell set – Good old classic! You can easily change the weight of the weights and simple threads are enough to attach the discs. The most important thing is that the diameter of the barbell bar you use matches the diameter of the holes in the discs.
  • Power bags with handles – Power bags are becoming more and more popular and they are great for gaining strength. They can be refillable or with a set weight. The advantage is that you can take them outside and exercise in the fresh air. They usually have several gripping options and the movement with the weight is more natural and dynamic.
  • Water exercise bag – Works on a similar principle as other power bags, but thanks to the fluid inside, the load distribution is constantly changing. Great for training strength and explosiveness.
  • Dumbbell in the shape of a baseball bat – The Clubbel category of dumbbells will help you combine dynamic and strength exercises. Thanks to their shape and good grip, they excel in their versatility and the full range of possible exercises.

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