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Protection against insects, compression properties, high-quality elastic material.

Protection against insects, compression properties, high-quality elastic material.

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Compression High Socks Insecta

Compression High Socks Insecta are a part of protection system against unpleasant insects such as mosquitoes, mites, ticks and flies. The main purpose is to protect against painful bites and dangerous diseases transferred by them. Permethrin, its organic substance, is usually used for repelling insects that might be dangerous for human health. Insecta products are approved in accordance with EU regulations concerning the use of biocidal substances. Maximum protection is ensured up to 50 washes - if washed according to care instructions provided on the box. Helps to keep the skin dry even during more demanding activities. Insecta products are suitable for all-season use during outdoor activities near water or forests and for use in tropical zones with a high concentration of biting insects and ticks. Compression High Socks Insecta will be quite handy for sportsmen, hunters, dog walkers, fishermen, and everybody who want to relax in the nature without being annoyed by unpleasant insects.

Technical description:

  • Protection against insects (effective up to 50 washes)
  • High-quality, elastic material
  • Compression properties
  • Thermo layer (releases sweat, isolates heat, keeps optimum body temperature)
  • Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyamide
  • Effective substance: permethrin
  • Suitable for sportsmen, hunters, fishermen, dog walkers etc.

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