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Recumbent inSPORTline Gemra 3in1

Multi-purpose trainer, manual control, suitable for exercising your abs, arms, shoulders and upper back.

Multi-purpose trainer, manual control, suitable for exercising your abs, arms, shoulders and upper back.

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Recumbent inSPORTline Gemra 3in1

Recumbent inSPORTline Gemra 3in1 is a multi-purpose exercise bike designed for home use. There are three stations available – the first allows you to exercise your arms and upper back. After releasing the locking pin on the seat mechanism, you'll get the second stantion where you can effectively train your abs. The third way to use the trainer is incorpoprating the pedals. The recumbent offers a comfortable back rest made up from soft foam rollers, and a high-quality padded seat. There is a levelling mechanism on both stabilizers, as well as handlebars with non-slip grips for improved balance. Recumbent Gemra has a small single button control panel that displays all necessary data, such as burned calories, total number of revolutions, rpm and time. The one-piece cranks allow for both forward and backward pedaling without affecting the measured training data in any way. The resistance can be adjusted manually with the regulation knob that increases or decreases the tension in the belt resistance system. All of these features make Recumbent inSPORTline Gemra especially suitable for people with decresed mobility, bad balance or those who spend most of their day seated.

Technical description:

  • Multi-purpose recumbent
  • Suitable for exercising abs, arms, shoulders, the upper back and legs
  • Allows you to engage arms, shoulders, upper back and abs
  • Computer functions: scan, rpm, total number of revolutions, time, calories
  • Single button control (hold to reset data)
  • Computer battery: LR44
  • Both forward and backward pedaling system
  • Levelling system to compensate for uneven floor
  • Transport wheels to move the trainer more easily
  • Weight: 16.7 kg
  • Weight limit: 100 kg
  • Dimensions: L205.5 cm x W69 cm x H83.5 cm
  • Transport dimensions: L78 cm x W24.5 cm x H38 cm
  • Maximum user height: 185 cm
  • Suitable for home use

Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, inSPORTline Fitness Coach

Regular training improves your physical fitness, helps you lose weight and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

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Exercised body areas:

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Recumbent inSPORTline Gemra 3in1 - Product parameters

Chest strap
Resistance regulation
Weight limit (kg)
100 kg
Braking system
Handlebar heart rate sensors
Compensating for uneven floor
Transport wheels
16.70 kg
Power source
Maximum user height
185 cm

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