Water Sport Shoes

Shoes in this category are quick to dry and therefore ideal for various water sports and activities. Their special soles prevent the shoe from slipping, which will come in handy for example on a paddleboard. At the same time, they are comfortable enough to use while walking on a beach. We've selected specialized JOBE and Aqua Marina models for you.

Neoprene Shoes Aropec ARECA 3.5 mm
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Comfortable ankle shoes of high-quality neoprene suitable for all kinds of water … Buy
Neoprene Shoes Agama Stream 5 mm - Black
In Stock
High-quality neoprene shoes suitable for all kinds of water sports activities. Buy
Neoprene Shoes Agama Mares Pure Low - Black
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Low neoprene shoes, lightweight material, comfortable, non-slip sole. Buy
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Anti-Slip Shoes Aqua Marina Ripples 2018 - Orange
28,80 € (23%) 22,30 
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Fast-drying anti-slip shoes, unisex, breathable, firm sole, colorful design. Buy
Anti-slip shoes Aqua Marina Ombre - Pink
30,40 € (13%) 26,50 
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Fast-drying anti- slip shoes, breathable, firm sole, attractive design. Buy
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Anti-Slip Shoes Jobe Discover Lace - Black-Green
In Stock
Quick-drying shoes, anti-slip soles, attractive design, lacing. Buy