Water Punching Bags

As you can probably guess, water punching bags are filled with water and that gives them a number of unique qualities. Water absorbs hits better and your joints don't suffer as much, even when you punch hard. This way, you can handle longer and more intense training sessions. Water also simulates the human body and as such, the xoerience feels more natural. And don't forget about practicality. Once you empty a water punching bag, it's light and easy to transport or store.

Punching bags filled with water are a great choice for both home and public gyms. They can be used by boxers, MMA fighters and everyone else as an effective condition training. Once you try it, you will not want to go back.

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Water-Filled Punching Bag inSPORTline Wabaq
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Water-filled punching bag, screw safety valve, 4-point chain attachment.
80 kg
Bag height
120 cm
Bag diameter
29 cm
Outside material
Water-Filled Punching Bag Chain Aqua Bag Hanging Kit
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Attaches to carabiner, swivel head, adjustable length, max length: 120cm.