Upper Limbs Support

Upper limb bandages and braces are used for muscle and joint fixation of the arms, wrists and elbows, either as a preventative measure or during convalescence.

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Anti-Epicondylitis Elbow Brace Thuasne
57,70 € (29%) 41,10 
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Elbow brace to help with the "tennis elbow" syndrome, maximum fixation thanks to … Buy
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Magnetic Bamboo Wrist Brace inSPORTline
24,60 € (12%) 21,60 
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Great thermoregulation properties, multi-purpose cut suitable for both the right and … Buy
Elastic Wrist Wraps inSPORTline WristWrap
15,50 € (11%) 13,80 
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Practical wrist wraps for both exercising and regeneration, comfortable elastic … Buy
Elastic Forearm Band Fortuna
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Supports muscle strengthening, prevents tendons from overstraining, warming material. Buy
Elastic Bandage Lana Medicale 8x150cm
3,80 € (11%) 3,40 
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Universal elastic bandage, provides support and compression to strained muscles, … Buy
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Magnetic Bamboo Elbow Brace inSPORTline
32,80 € (14%) 28,10 
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Great thermoregulation properties, absorbs moisture, quick-drying, includes magnets … Buy
Multi-Purpose Wrist Support Thuasne
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Maximum fixation thanks to neoprene material, thermal insulation, relieves pain in the … Buy
Elastic Wrist Wrap Fortuna
6,90 € (23%) 5,30 
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Weakened muscle and joint support, extra elastic material, adjustable compression. Buy