SUP fins

Whether you loose your fin or damage it, this is where you find a replacement. Take your pick from high-quality replacement fins for Jobe, Aztron and Aqua Marina paddleboards.

Permanently low price
Side Fin Aqua Marina
8,80 € (35%) 5,70 
In Stock
For better maneuverability and stability, flexible yet firm. Buy
Main Paddle Board Fin WORKER WaveTrip 9”
8,20 € (16%) 6,90 
In Stock
Replacement fin for inflatable Worker paddle boards, easy installation (no tools … Buy
Replacement Paddle Board Fin Jobe 9”
In Stock
Replacement fin of a solid, reflective material that you can attach to your paddle … Buy
Fins for paddleboard Jobe Honeycomb Thruster 6''
In Stock
Set of three very light Fins, better controll of paddleboard, increased performance, … Buy
Fin for paddleboard Jobe Click 9''
In Stock
Upgraded paddleboard fin, easy to use without tools, high manoeuvrability and speed. Buy
Fin for paddleboard Jobe Click Touring 9''
In Stock
Aerodynamic fin for paddleboard, simply deployed without tools, high manoeuvrability, … Buy