Accessories for Nordic Walking

Equipment and accessories for trekking and Nordic Walking poles that will prolong the service life of your poles and make handling them more comfortable.

Belt 2 with drinking systém Newline
21,50 € (17%) 17,80 
In Stock
4 attachable bottles with Velcro.
Tips For Trekking Poles
7,60 € (30%) 5,30 
In Stock
Tips for trekking poles, for various surfaces
Spare Trekking Pole Baskets
3,80 € (18%) 3,10 
In Stock
Baskets for trekking poles
Folding Trekking Pole Bag inSPORTline Retselop 20x45cm
3,80 € (21%)
In Stock
Folding trekking pole bag, waterproof, tightening cord.
45 cm
Trekking Pole Bag inSPORTline Retselop 15x74cm
4,90 € (22%) 3,80 
on the way
Trekking pole bag, waterproof, tightening cord, practical.
74 cm