Neck Protectors

Neck protectors protect your neck and stabilize your spine. They not only protect your spine, but stabilize your helmet as well, making it rest firmly on your shoulders. This way, there is a lower risk of injuring your neck spine. We offer products from brands W-TEC and SCOTT.

All our neck protectors are tested and certified according to the highest European standards.

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Body Protector Scott Neck Armor Junior - Black
291,90 € (40%) 176,50 
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Flexible structure, removable shoulder protectors, Velcro closing. Buy
W-TEC neck protector senior TWG-00G178
22,20 € (17%) 18,50 
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Cervical spine protector Buy
W-TEC neck protector junior
20,10 € (8%) 18,50 
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Cervical spine protector Buy
Neck Protector EMERZE EM12
In Stock
Ergonomic, stabilizes helmet, detachable hypoallergenic fabric cover, practical and … Buy
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Neck Protector W-TEC GS-1622
19,70 € (18%) 16,10 
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Excellent neck protection, minimizes risk of injury, suitable for frequent riding, … Buy