Mass Gainers

Saccharide-protein products are generally called GAINERS. They make an optimal combination of quickly accessible saccharides and easily digested proteins to stimulate quality muscle regeneration. For maximum effect, it is recommended to consume them immediately after strenuous physical activity (during the 30 minutes after an exercise), in the so-called anabolic window. In case of great physical exhaustion, you can take the same amount of gainer again in the next 2 hours.

Powder Concentrate Nutrend Compress B.I.G. 2,100g
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Muscle growth support, highly effective, contains a number of active …
Práškový koncentrát Nutrend Mass Gain 14 6000g
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Gainer pro nastartování regenerace a pro podporu nárůstu svalové …
1000g Nutrend Mass Gain
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100% WHEY PROTEIN is a pure whey protein of excellent delicious taste …