Long Distances

Boards with lower board so that you don’t tire as easily. This way, you’ll be able to travel longer distances.

Longboard WORKER Bambo Pro 40ʺ
135,50 € (24%) 102,50 
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Deck made of 8-layer combination of bamboo and Canadian maple plywood, ABEC 7 … Buy
Shaun White Longboard Patrol
99,60 € (12%) 88,10 
In Stock
Board of maple, ABEC 5 bearings, modern design, high quality, drop-through assembly of … Buy
Electric Skateboard Skatey 150L Wood Art
380,40 € (14%) 326,50 
In Stock
Bluetooth remote control, 2 speed levels, anti-slip deck, lightweight. Buy
Longboard Street Surfing Freeride - Curve Wolf 39"
In Stock
Stable and sturdy longboard suitable for long distance and/or downhill riding, … Buy
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Longboard Street Surfing Fishtail - The Leaf 42" - Silver Truck
96,90 € (21%) 76,50 
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Longboard for longer-distance rides, reverse kingpin for better maneuverability. Buy
Longboard Street Surfing Nordic Orange 39”
115 € (16%) 96,90 
Sold out
Stable and sturdy longboard suitable for long distance or downhill rides, imbedded … Buy