Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are an inconspicuous fashion accessory for everyone. Durable natural leather will effectively complement practically every outfit and at the same time seem simple and interesting. Some bracelets have additional beads made of minerals or stylish chains. It is up to you to decide which version fits your style and aesthetics the best. Leather bracelets are a great present for both men and women.

Special offer
Leather Bracelet W-TEC Soderick
25,90 € (29%) 18,50 
In Stock
Braided leather bracelet, dyed real leather, stylish accessory, magnet closure. Buy
Leather Bracelet W-TEC Ballure
31,50 € (10%) 28,50 
In Stock
Leather bracelet consisting of three parts, natural look, stylish accessory, magnet … Buy
Steel Bracelet W-TEC Tenebro
51,50 € (17%) 42,80 
In Stock
Impressive combination of leather and patinated steel, stylish skull decorations, … Buy
Steel Bracelet W-TEC Consancro
47,10 € (18%) 38,50 
In Stock
Robust bracelet of leather and patinated steel for demanding users! Individual links … Buy
Leather Bracelet W-TEC Cronkroad
31,50 € (10%) 28,50 
In Stock
Leather bracelet with natural stones, metal buckle with magnet closure, W-TEC logo, … Buy
Leather Bracelet W-TEC Cregnesh
32 € (11%) 28,50 
In Stock
Leather bracelet with chain, stylish accessory, magnet closure, W-TEC logo. Buy