Women's Trekking and Cross Bikes

Thanks to their versatility, women’s trekking bikes are currently one of the most popular bike types. Cross/trekking bike is a compromise between a mountain bike and a road bike. Unlike the mountain bike, the seat position of these bikes allows the rider a more vertical posture. They also have bigger 28ʺ wheels and thinner tires, which makes them more suitable for fast riding on a tarmac road.

Additionally, the frame geometry of women’s trekking bikes is adjusted for more comfortable ride, as well as getting on/off the bike.

Don’t know how to choose the correct bike size and type? Consult our advice page.

We offer more than 90 bicycles from certified manufacturers, such as GALAXY, DHS, 4EVER and KELLYS. For selected models, we offer a prolonged 10-year warranty and post-warranty service at our Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Vítkov stores.

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