Do you want to make your child happy or are you looking for a present? The popular brand Frozen will be surely appreciated by any little child. This can also be a way to make your child interested in sports. At the same time, children can easily accept protectors as an essential accessory since their favourite characters are depicted on them.

Children’s Bike Frozen 2197 12” – 3.0
145,80 € (5%) 138,10 
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Number of Frozen decorations, training wheels, front basket, bell, maintenance-free … Buy
Children’s Bike Frozen 2295 14” – 3.0
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Řada ozdobných prvků z pohádky Ledové království, balanční kolečka, přední … Buy
Children’s Scooter Frozen II
In Stock
Folding scooter with adjustable handlebar height, Frozen logo, printed anti-slip deck. Buy
Children’s Bike Frozen 16” – 2021
In Stock
Chain guard with picture of Frozen 2 characters on it, training wheels, inflatable … Buy
Children’s Bike Frozen Ice-Look 14” – 2021
In Stock
Number of Frozen decorations, training wheels, front basket, bell, inflatable wheels, … Buy
Bicycle Basket Frozen II – Blue
In Stock
Practical handlebar basket made of lightweight and durable plastic, popular cartoon … Buy
Children’s Cycling Gloves Frozen II
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Children’s cycling gloves Frozen, recommended age: 5+, breathable material, dampen … Buy
Elbow and Knee Protectors Frozen II
In Stock
4-protector set, hardened plastic, comfortable padding, Frozen II design. Buy
Bicycle Helmet Frozen II S
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Air vents, inner padding, lightweight, EN 1078 certification, Frozen II design. Buy
Bell Frozen II
Sold Out
Universal socket, steel, lightweight, suitable for all types of children’s bikes. Buy