Boards ideal for various manoeuvres while riding downhill from smaller slopes. The rider often changes positions and stops to perform tricks. The boards are usually more stable and their centre of gravity is lower.

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Plastic Longboard WORKER Tempy 31ʺ
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Flexible plastic deck, perfect for city, downhill and freeride riding; ABEC 11 premium … Buy
Shaun White Longboard Patrol
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Board of maple, ABEC 5 bearings, modern design, high quality, drop-through assembly of … Buy
Longboard Street Surfing Freeride Curve - Higher Faster 39"
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Stable and sturdy longboard suitable for long distance and/or downhill riding, … Buy
Longboard Street Surfing Cut Kicktail Rumble Jungle 36”
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Fast kicktail longboard, perfect for in-town riding, stable, easy and quick control. Buy