Bicycle Baskets and Carriers

If you often ride through a city, be it a trip to the shop or to visit friends, you’ll surely appreciate a rear carrier or a basket. Bicycle carriers and baskets usually have standard attaching mechanisms and so it’s easy to affix them to all types of city or trekking bikes.

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Rear Bicycle Basket Kelly City Rear
12,70 € (9%) 11,50 
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Steel rear basket, easy attachment, weight limit: 5kg. Buy
Rack Maxi Cyklošvec
14,20 € (27%) 10,30 
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Elegant metal basket-rack, 45x37x24 cm. Buy
Rack CykloŠvec
9,60 € (28%) 6,90 
In Stock
Wide basket for a bike carrier with fixture. Buy
Wicker Bike Basket M-WAVE BA-FW Clip Bar
In Stock
Bike basket with easy attaching, bracing for better durability, solid and elastic … Buy
Bicycle Basket Kellys Cargo
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Steel front basket, easy installation, comfortable handle, weight limit: 5kg. Buy
Bike Carrier Kellys Porter
In Stock
Flexible carrier with rubber layer for better attaching, possible to add a light or … Buy
Front Bicycle Basket Kellys City Front
In Stock
Modern basket made of quality steel, easy installation under headset nut, long … Buy
Rattan Front Basket Kellys
In Stock
Front basket made of plastic rattan, easy attachment, 5kg weight limit. Buy
Bike Carrier Kellys Convoy
In Stock
Aluminium carrier, spring for easy carrying of items, high load capacity, fixture for … Buy
Rear Basket Kellys Load Rear
In Stock
Plastic rear basket, easy installation, fixed attachment, 5kg weight limit. Buy
Bicycle Basket Minions Fluffy
In Stock
Plastic handlebar basket, lightweight and durable plastic, popular cartoon movie … Buy
Front Basket Kellys Load
In Stock
Made of plastic wicker, comes with holder, easy installation, weight limit: 5kg. Buy
Bicycle Basket Frozen II – Blue
In Stock
Practical handlebar basket made of lightweight and durable plastic, popular cartoon … Buy
Rear Bike Rack Kross WEEKENDRACK Carry More 24”-28” BK
In Stock
Rear bike rack with CarryMore quick-release system for quick and easy attachment of … Buy
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Bike porter Al 26" - 28" NEXELO 652 black
20,30 € (15%) 17,30 
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Universal rear bike rack made of Duralumin, clip, adjustable for frames from 26” to … Buy
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Luggage Carrier Nexelo ALU adjustable 20-28”
26,10 € (13%) 22,70 
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Universal rear luggage carrier with a clip, adjustable, suitable for 20-28” frames. Buy
Bike Carrier 26" - 28" UNI
12,30 € (22%) 9,60 
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Universal bike carrier with a clip, adjustable for wheels 26”-28”, coated with … Buy
Handlebar Basket Nexelo L300305
8,40 € (27%) 6,10 
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Handlebar basket with a handle. Buy
Rack Nexelo L431540
6,90 € (12%) 6,10 
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Carrier basket with handle, metal. Buy
Children’s Bicycle Front Basket Nexelo White-Purple
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Plastic handlebar basket, lightweight and durable plastic, attractive colorful design. Buy