Cycling Tire-Pumps

Cycling tire-pumps are an integral part of every cyclist’s gear. We offer both small pumps that can be attached to the bike frame and large foot pumps. A small tire-pump, at the very least, is a necessity if you don’t want to get stranded 30 km away from home.

Air Compressor inSPORTline AB28
143,70 € (11%) 127,20 
In Stock
Compact electric pump, pressure gauge, handle, maintenance-free engine, rubber foot …
Permanently low price
Foot Bicycle Pump Kellys Magnum
23,60 € (8%) 21,80 
In Stock
Pump with manometer, rubber-coated handle, anodized surface finish, universal valve.
Permanently low price
Bicycle Foot Pump Kellys Twister Pro
21,80 € (17%) 18,10 
In Stock
Efficient foot pump with manometer and universal valve.
Bicycle Pump Kellys Airtank
In Stock
Overflow chamber, functions similarly to compressor, suitable also for tubeless tires, …
Air Shock Pump Kellys Shocker 70
In Stock
High-pressure air shock/fork hand pump, easy-to-read pressure gauge, covered air …
Bicycle Pump Kellys Doubly 10
In Stock
Small plastic pump, ergonomic handle, universal head, extremely lightweight, perfect …
Pump Velo
4 € (10%) 3,60 
In Stock
Simple pump for inflating bicycle tires.
Beto Foot Pump
14,20 € (15%) 12 
In Stock
Universal pump with Fe pressure gauge and a universal double valve.
Foot Pump Nexelo L244087 with Pressure Gauge Fe
In Stock
Multi-purpose pump with pressure gauge Fe and a universal double valve.
Bike Pump Nexelo Al Teleskop
In Stock
Universal telescopic bike pump with a holder.
Bicycle Pump Kellys Pulse
In Stock
High-quality mini pump, low weight, small size, suiutable for FV and AV valves, …
Bicycle Foot Pump Kellys Twister
In Stock
Plastic servicing pump, low weight, wide grip, large and stable base.
Pump for shock absorbers Kellys Shocker 50
In Stock
High-pressure hand pump for shock absorbers and suspension forks, transparent gauge, …
Cycling Pump Kellys Doubly Pro 30
In Stock
Little aluminium pump, ergonomic grip, universal head, extremely light, ideal for long …
Bicycle Pump Kellys Doubly Pro 50
On the way
Mini telescopic pump, ergonomic handle, universal nozzle, extremely lightweight, …