Cycling Tire-Pumps

Cycling tire-pumps are an integral part of every cyclist’s gear. We offer both small pumps that can be attached to the bike frame and large foot pumps. A small tire-pump, at the very least, is a necessity if you don’t want to get stranded 30 km away from home.

Permanently low price
Foot Bicycle Pump Kellys Magnum
23,60 € (8%) 21,80 
In Stock
Pump with manometer, rubber-coated handle, anodized surface finish, universal valve.
Permanently low price
Bicycle Foot Pump Kellys Twister Pro
21,80 € (17%) 18,10 
In Stock
Efficient foot pump with manometer and universal valve.
Pump Velo
4 € (10%) 3,60 
In Stock
Simple pump for inflating bicycle tires.
Beto Foot Pump
14,20 € (15%) 12 
In Stock
Universal pump with Fe pressure gauge and a universal double valve.
Bike Pump Nexelo Al Teleskop
In Stock
Universal telescopic bike pump with a holder.
Bicycle Pump Kellys Classic
In Stock
Mini pump, regular pump performance, extremely lightweight, both presta and auto …
Bicycle Pump Kellys Pulse
In Stock
High-quality mini pump, low weight, small size, suiutable for FV and AV valves, …
Bicycle Foot Pump Kellys Twister
In Stock
Plastic servicing pump, low weight, wide grip, large and stable base.
Bicycle Pump Kellys Airtank
In Stock
Overflow chamber, functions similarly to compressor, suitable also for tubeless tires, …
Air Shock Pump Kellys Shocker 70
In Stock
High-pressure air shock/fork hand pump, easy-to-read pressure gauge, covered air …
Pump for shock absorbers Kellys Shocker 50
In Stock
High-pressure hand pump for shock absorbers and suspension forks, transparent gauge, …
Cycling Pump Kellys Doubly Pro 30
In Stock
Little aluminium pump, ergonomic grip, universal head, extremely light, ideal for long …
Bicycle Pump Kellys Doubly 10
In Stock
Small plastic pump, ergonomic handle, universal head, extremely lightweight, perfect …
Bicycle Pump Kellys Doubly Pro 50
On the way
Mini telescopic pump, ergonomic handle, universal nozzle, extremely lightweight, …