Cycling Oils and Cleaning Products

Bike Polish Spray Kellys 200ml
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Quickly and easily removes grease, oil, dirt and brake fluid. Buy it
Chain Oil in a Spray Kellys 200 ml
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Chain oil, perfect lubrication, protection against corrosion, spray. Buy it
Multifunctional Bio Oil with Applicator Kellys 100ml
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Multifunctional lubricant, environmentally friendly, releases corroded parts and … Buy it
Multi-Purpose Bio Oil in Spray Kellys 200 ml
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Multi-purpose oil, gentle on environment, releasing rusty joints and protection … Buy it
Chain Oil with an Applicator Kellys 50 ml
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Chain oil, practical applicator, perfect lubricating quality, protection against … Buy it
Silicone Oil Spray Kellys 200ml
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Silicone oil suitable for maintenance of rubber seals and similar parts, can be used … Buy it
Spray Nanoprotech Bicycle
13,10 € (17%) 10,90 
In Stock
Spray suitable for all bicycles, impenetrable and water-repellent layer, protects … Buy it
E-Bike Cleaner Cyklostar Original 0.5l
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Suitable for hand-washing both e-bikes and regular bikes, highly effective, bike and … Buy it
Bicycle Oil Clear 100ml
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Non-toxic, 100ml dispenser, applicator, suitable for bike and sewing machine … Buy it

If you want to keep your bike in top shape, oils and cleaning products should make a necessary part of your cycling gear. It is not enough to do a thorough maintenance once a year just before the season starts. To prolong your bike’s service life, you need to clean and lubricate it regularly. We provide a wide selection of oils and cleaning products for every component.