Care Products for Motorcycle Clothing

To maintain the proper function and long service life of your motorcycle clothes, it is essential to care for the garments properly. In this category, you’ll find impregnation sprays, as well as leather balms and waxes.

Shoe/Glove Dryer w/ Timer W-TEC Ortos
In Stock
Effective shoe/glove-drying set! It’s length-adjustable and the cables are … Buy
Deodorant Antibacterial Shoe Spray Topgold 150 ml
In Stock
Elimination of unpleasant smell, preventive shoe and sock care, spray. Buy
Shoe Wax Granger’s G-Wax 80g
In Stock
Shoe wax made of beeswax and paraffin designed to add nourishment and protection to … Buy
Shoe Cream Granger’s Leather Conditioner 75ml
In Stock
Suitable for smooth leather shoes, protects and nourishes your shoes and prevents them … Buy
Helmet and Visior Mint Helmet Care Kit
In Stock
Set includes: anti-fog spray, helmet & visor external cleaner, internal helmet … Buy
Helmet Sanitizer Foam Spray Mint 200ml
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Easily and gently sanitizes helmet liners, features special foaming applicator. Buy
Helmet Sanitizer Foam Spray Mint 100ml
In Stock
Easily and gently sanitizes helmet liners, features special foaming applicator, pocket … Buy
Leather Balm FANTOMS W-TEC 10ml
In Stock
Cleans, protects, nourishes, renovates and impregnates (repels water) not only smooth … Buy
Footwear Repel Spray Plus Granger’s 275 ml
In Stock
Water repellent, prevents stains, maintains breathability, suitable for all footwear … Buy
Spray-On Shoe Repellent Cherry Blossom Sneaker Shield 200 ml
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Fast-drying and easy-to-apply spray-on shoe repellent that improves water and dirt … Buy
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2-in-1 Wash & Repel Cleaner Granger’s 1,000 ml
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Cleans, maintains breathability, restores water-repellency, heat activated. Buy
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Shoe Dryer w/ Timer Glovii GG20
39,60 € (9%) 36 
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Effective shoe-drying set! You can choose from three different modes using the remote … Buy
Performance Repel Spray Plus Granger’s 275 ml
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Specially formulated to restore water- and dirt-repellent finish of all technical … Buy
Leather Cleaner S100 Leder-Reiniger Gel 500ml
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Colorless, gel-based, removes dirt, renews membrane breathability, prepares leather … Buy