Back Wraps and Kidney Belts

Back wraps are an effective health beneficial accessory that protects your back and kidneys and strengthens your torso.

Back wraps can alleviate or prevent back pain caused by too much strain, wrong seating position or the lack of movement.

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TWG-00G173 Kidney Belt W-TEC
19,40 € (12%) 17 
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Lumbar and renal protective belt WORKER G173, neoprene, velcro
inSPORTline magnetic bamboo waist support
47,20 € (33%) 31,70 
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Lumbar magnetic belt inSPORTline of a bamboo-carbon fibre with germanium.
Kidney belt EMERZE M160
18,80 € (26%) 13,90 
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Quality kidney belt of the EMERZE brand, maximum protection of the back and kidneys, …
Kidney belt ROLEFF M160
14,70 € (15%) 12,50 
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Anatomical shape, breathable and durable, maximum protection, easy fastening.
inSPORTline Heating Waist Belt
98,70 € (20%) 78,80 
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Lumbar belt with an electric heating and a cooling gel cushion, effective protection …
Slimmer Belt Laubr
In Stock
Neoprene belt for easier weight loss and effective fat burn, both for men and women.
Lumbar Belt Laubr
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For body fat loss, for toning waist and abdominal area, can be used as back support.
Kidney Belt W-TEC Backbelt
15,80 € (13%) 13,80 
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Belt protecting the lumbar spine and the kidney area, breathable moisture and sweat …
Kidney Belt W-TEC NF-3600 - Black-Red
In Stock
Lower back protectors, wear resistant, breathable, large Velcro straps, …
Reflective features
Lumbar Support Belt Laubr PS
In Stock
Supports lower spine and inner organs of abdominal cavity, heats up and protects the …
Kidney Belt W-TEC NF-3603 - Green
18,60 € (17%) 15,50 
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Lower back protectors, neoprene padding, large and adjustable Velcro straps, …
Reflective features
Lumbar Support Belt Thuasne 361
60 € (15%) 51,30 
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Light, antibacterial and elastic fabric, stabilisation splints
Kidney Belt W-TEC Venttus GS-1756
15,80 € (12%) 13,90 
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Lower back and kidney protection, moisture and sweat resistant, breathable stretch …
Kidney Belt Rebelhorn Rider
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