Avalanche Backpacks with Airbags

Avalanche backpacks are backpacks with an airbag that you can inflate once an avalanche hits. The inflated backpack will increase your volume as well as you chances of staying on the surface and not getting burried. Avalanche backpacks are made using the newest technologies and are therefore very light while of course maintaining the functionality of a regular backpack.

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Avalanche Backpack Mammut Ride Removable Airbag 3.0 30L - Black
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Backpack with airbag that can save your life. Light, comfortable, sophisticated …
30 l
Weight (g)
2510 g
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Non-Refillable Carbon Cartridge for Airbag Backpacks Mammut 300
136,50 € (10%) 122,70 
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Extremely light cartridge for avalanche backpacks, easy to use, easy to replace, …