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How to Choose Equipment for Outdoor Workouts and Fitness Training?

Outdoor fitness, or outdoor exercising, is becoming more and more popular with people of all ages. You can just do light stretching and strengthening exercises, or try more demanding workouts, core training and other routines focusing on improving physical fitness and losing weight.

What Exactly Does Outdoor Fitness Encompass?

The advantage of outdoor fitness is that you can set up your own low-budget gym anywhere you want – in a yard, in a park, at a holiday resort or while you are on a business trip. With outdoor exercising, you need just a couple of steps to feel physically and mentally fit.

There is a lot of equipment available for outdoor fitness: suspension systems, fitness ropes, resistance bands, medicine balls, athletic equipment, balance trainers and other items. We will introduce the individual categories and help you pick.

Balance Accessories

Balance accessories and trainers will help you effectively exercise your entire body. You use your own weight to level your body, which allows you to evenly exercise your muscles, even the deep ones. Balance accessories allow you to burn fats more quickly, reduce your weight and strengthen your figure. You can choose from balance trainers, pillows, twisters and even special balance accessories for children (jumping balls, motor skill focused toys) or yoga practitioners (ball, cylinder, block, etc.). Some balance accessories include digital exercise counters, handles for more effective training or massage points that stimulate your feet. Most of these products are durable enough to be used outside for outdoor fitness.

Fitness Mats

A fitness mat will motivate you to exercise and enhance the effect of your training. Fitness mats are made in various colours and materials. There are mats suitable for any kinds of exercises, or special mats for yoga or aerobic exercises. Many of them can be also used as sleeping mats if you go camping, so you basically gain a 2in1 product. These fitness mats are waterproof, offer insulation and will come into use all year round.

Fitness Trampolines

Fitness trampolines are a great equipment to help you exercise your whole body and improve your coordination. You can use them in a flat, on a terrace or in your garden. Jumping in a fresh air brings even more intensity to your exercising and stimulates the lymphatic system. The most sought-after are fitness trampolines with a computer and a handlebar, 90 – 140 cm in diameter with 100 – 110 kg weight limit.

Bars and Parallel Bars

Free standing bars and door and wall pull-up bars are popular workout accessories that can be used both indoors and outdoors – maybe on a terrace. Then there is a multi-purpose option for both strength and fitness training – the multi-purpose parallel bars.


Dumbbells are a basic accessory for any starting athlete, be it a man or a woman. Nowadays, dumbbells are made of quality materials in various fashionable designs, colours and weights, available for good prices. You can choose between adjustable, multi-purpose and aerobic dumbbells. There are also unique bell-shaped single-handed neoprene dumbbells with a long grip and fine sand filling. The most popular by far, however, is a set of adjustable vinyl dumbbells with 2 kg, 0.5 kg and 1 kg weight plates.

Compression Wear

Compression wear is an essential part of outdoor fitness training. Because it stimulates circulation in the right places, it significantly improves after-training regeneration or rehabilitation after an injury, helping you get into shape faster. You can choose from compression pats of various lengths, shirts, socks or leg/arm covers, available for women, men, children, even unisex. You’ll be surely pleased to know that compression wear has a slimming effect as well.

Power Training Accessories

There is a wide range of power training accessories. They are not merely meant for workouts and stretching, but can be used for balance exercises, aerobic and gymnastics as well. They are popular because of their ease of use, low price and high effectiveness, both indoors and outdoors. You can exercise your whole body or just focus on one part of it. The most popular are resistance bands (especially the rubber ones), body weights, balance accessories, medicine balls, exercise wheels and suspension systems. The MultiTrainer multi-purpose exercise band weighs only 850 g, allows you to exercise using your own weight and its bands can be easily attached, for example to a tree.

Sport Watches

Sport watches are ideal for measuring heart rate frequency, which is an important thing to know when you are trying to lose weight. They work the most effectively with a chest strap that allows them to monitor your heart rate and count burned calories. The watch further uses these data to adjust your fitness activity.


Workout is revolutionary in fitness. It combines gymnastics with speed and strength training in order to improve your physical fitness. You don’t need the workout machines typically seen at a gym – you need only your own weight. Workouts will help you achieve great physical fitness. You can choose from power cages, balls, discs, ropes, body weights and other accessories. And what equipment is most in demand these days? Definitely resistance bands and suspension systems.

Suspension Systems

Suspension systems that help you exercise using your own weight are a popular outdoor fitness equipment. Thanks to the special exercises on the multitrainer suspension system, you will quickly strengthen your body and improve your state of mind as well. This compact accessory doesn’t weigh even one kilogram (but can have a weight limit up to 150 kg). You can truly take it anywhere and when an opportune moment comes, attach it for example to a tree. Gymnastic rings are also making a comeback. With a 200-kg weight limit, they are often used for CrossFit workouts.

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