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How to Pick Out Trampoline Accessories?

Trampolines provide a great way to exercise and unwind at the same time. Exercising on a trampoline also improves your physical fitness and aids in developing gross motor skill. From children to seniors, everyone can fell in love with jumping on a trampoline. Trampolines make a popular gift, for both enjoyment and fitness improvement.

When picking out a trampoline, the size is key. The diameter of trampolines currently on the market ranges between 90 and 460 cm. it is essential to assemble the trampoline correctly, place it in a suitable area and leave at least 1 m of free space around it.

Trampoline Accessories for Your Comfort and Peace of Mind:

  • Safety nets for trampolines over 140 cm in diameter
  • Trampoline ladders to jump onto the mat easily
  • Trampoline safety skirts
  • Protective covers, especially against rain
  • Trampoline tents – serve as a safety feature and a hiding place for your kids
  • Springs, spring covers and other spare parts
  • Anchoring sets to secure the trampoline to the ground
  • Pockets for mobile phones and jewellery
  • Transport bags for foldable trampolines
  • Various training accessories

Net – a basic safety feature for trampolines over 140 cm in diameter

If you want your trampoline to serve you well and to help with the development of your children, you need to ensure its maximum safety right from the start. The common practice, especially with trampolines over 140 cm, is to buy a safety net, frame bars included.

The entrance of the safety net is secured by a zip and a safety that will prevent the entrance from opening on its own. A safety net therefore prevents the user from falling out of the jumping area and injuring themselves. They simply bounce back on the jumping mat, away from the steel edge.

If you have an outdoor trampoline, you need to regularly check the safety net for wear (decreased flexibility) caused by exposure to the environment. Make sure to replace it or acquire the necessary spare parts in time.

Other Practical Trampoline Accessories

Other important accessories include a general-purpose ladder for getting onto the jumping mat or a safety skirt that prevents children and pets from playing under the trampoline. The skirt has pockets for keys, phones, shoes and everything else that would get in the way while you jump.

The service life of an outdoor trampoline can be prolonged by using a cover that will protect the trampoline from the sun, rain or foreign objects. Safety skirts and protective covers are made for trampolines of 244 – 457 cm in diameter.

For longer service life and the users’ safety, it is recommended to store the trampoline in a dry and clean place during winter. At the same time, it is recommended to apply silicon oil on the springs and metal parts.

Trampoline Set: A Good Choice

It has become apparent that a trampoline without a safety net is not all that safe. That’s why there are trampoline sets with safety nets at a reduced price.

Buying a trampoline set is ultimately cheaper, because most users eventually buy a safety net anyway, but this way it is for a full price.

Picking Out a Trampoline Tent

Thanks to the ever-wider selection of trampoline accessories, jumping on trampolines has become a multi-purpose pastime – be it in the form of fun in your garden or entertainment for guests in guest houses, hotels or sports complexes.

One such accessory is a trampoline tent that can be installed instead of the safety net. In a blink of an eye, it will transform your trampoline into a garden or a beach shelter for your children and a shaded leisure space for the entire family. Trampoline tents are made of durable polyester. They have steel frame and a mosquito net. Pick the tent according to the diameter of your trampoline (180 – 457 cm). Assembling both the tent and inSPORTline trampolines is easy. You don’t even need any tools.

Pick accessories for your trampoline

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