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How to Choose a Trampoline?


Are you thinking about buying a trampoline and are not sure how to pick the right one? We’ve prepared a guide that will answer the most common questions. For better orientation, it is divided into 4 sections.

When picking out a trampoline, we consider:  

At the end of this page, we’ve listed the main advantages of inSPORTline trampolines.


How to Choose the Correct Size?

When choosing the size of your trampoline, you need to take into account not only the available space, but also its safety.

The most important parameter when picking out a trampoline is its size. The size of trampolines currently on the market ranges between 90 – 460 cm in diameter. It is important to keep in mind the place you intend to use the trampoline in, as well as the fact that there should be a free safety area of at least 1 m all around the trampoline. That means that for trampoline with a 457-cm diameter, you’ll need space of approximately 6.5 m. It is recommended to not underestimate the safety precautions and to not place the trampoline in confined spaces.

If you want to use your trampoline in a flat or in a smaller area, you should look at trampolines up to 140 cm in diameter. For gyms and open spaces, larger trampolines are more suitable. For cramped spaces, you can use rectangle-shaped trampolines, for example 210 x 300 cm in size or foldable trampolines that can be easily stored in a closet or under the bed.

How to Ensure Maximum Safety?

Place the trampoline in a safe area and use all available safety accessories – especially a safety net!

Trampoline is a great exercise and relaxation equipment. It is also a very effective way to improve the so-called gross motor skills. Trampolines are thoroughly tested and their manufacture meets the highest safety standards. Make sure that the trampoline you pick is certified, which the manufacturer or the seller must back up with a certificate of conformity. It is important to keep the trampoline as safe as possible.

Even when purchasing the trampoline, you can add to its safety. First of all, it is almost a given these days to buy a safety net along with a trampoline that has 140 cm in diameter. It is a basic safety feature and installing it can prevent scrapes, as well as serious injuries.

Other suitable accessories include ladders for securely getting onto the jumping mat and a safety net under the trampoline that will prevent both your pets and children to crawl into the space under the trampoline.

It is very important to assemble the trampoline correctly and place it on a firm surface with enough space that there is at least 1 m of free space around the entire trampoline. If you follow the basic safety requirements, you will keep your children safe.

What Accessories to Get

You can buy a number of safety or functional accessories to make exercising on your trampoline more comfortable.

Aside from the safety features mentioned above, you can buy other interesting accessories for your trampoline. If you intend to leave your trampoline outdoors through the season, then it is essential to purchase a protective cover that will shield the trampoline from unfavourable weather conditions, especially rain. Then you’ve got various pockets for mobile phones or jewellery, ladders, transport bags for foldable trampolines and various kinds of training accessories.

Why Buy a Trampoline Set?

Purchase a safety feature and save money at the same time – buy a trampoline set with a safety net for an affordable price!

In one of the previous sections we talked about safety. Most manufacturers are aware of the fact that a trampoline without a safety net is not really safe and motivate their customers to buy both a trampoline and a safety net. A trampoline set can be usually purchased for a better price or the manufacturer may offer a discount if the customer buys a net as well. Many customers that decide to buy only a trampoline still buy a safety net eventually. Unfortunately, this time without a discount.

The Main Advantages of inSPORTline Trampolines and Trampoline Sets

  • Top-quality jumping mat with high bounce

The jumping mat is an essential part of the trampoline. Because we know that a top-quality bounce is what makes a top-quality trampoline, we’ve spend years improving the material of the jumping mat. The material was developed in the USA, from special fibres providing extreme flexibility while maintaining maximum durability against tear or other damage. The jumping mat material of inSPORTline trampolines is also moisture and UV resistant. Even under standard weather exposure, the jumping mat stays optimally flexible and durable for many years.

  • Spring material

A set of 40 – 100 special springs (number of springs depends on the size of the jumping mat) that hold and stretch the jumping mat is also an important attribute determining the mat’s bounce quality and the trampoline’s longevity. Based on years of experience, we only offer the best for our trampolines! Trampolines inSPORTline always come with special highly durable springs. These springs have a memory effect, which allows them to maintain necessary flexibility, even after years of use. What’s more, the surface of the springs is covered with extremely durable galvanized coating that protects them from damage and corrosion.

  • Safety

Trampolines inSPORTline are made following the highest safety standards. Both the frame and the jumping mat are made of pre-tested materials of the highest quality, putting inSPORTline trampolines among the top brands on the market. Thanks to the carefully designed frame, including safety features, maximally flexible and durable jumping mat and the focus on maximum user safety and utility value, our trampolines meet the highest European standards and are certified by the German testing facility, ÜV NORD a ASTM Internacional.

  • Wide selection of accessories

When developing inSPORTline trampolines, we focus on maximum safety and comfort. That’s why we offer additional trampoline accessories that will help you make jumping on your trampoline a multi-purpose activity. Available accessories include trampoline ladders to help you get on the trampoline, an anchoring set to help you secure the trampoline to the ground, a safety skirt that prevents your pets and children from getting under the jumping mat, a safety net or a trampoline tent that allows you to convert the trampoline to a garden tent in a few simple steps.  

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